Relationship to my Phone

Relationship to my Phone





Relationship to my Phone

A smartphone is a mobile phone with a more robust operating system and can connect to the Internet like a computer. A one-stop shop for information management, making or receiving calls, creating brief messages, and surfing the Internet. Many free and paid apps are available for cellphones in addition to the built-in ones. In the era of smartphones, a single-minded cell phone has been turned into a mobile PC. They’re personal digital assistants (PDAs) with all the smartphone functionality. Smartphones’ light operating systems use a touchscreen interface. The iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, and Blackberry are the four primary cellphones. A smartphone is a device that can make and receive calls. Still, it also has other features that were previously only available on personal digital assistants like the computer, such as a camera and microphone. PDAs were initially used to send and receive emails and edit workplace documents, but smartphones quickly replaced them in the market. PDAs became wireless, and mobile phones could transmit text messages simultaneously. As mobile phones have gotten more computer-like, the PDA has incorporated additional phone functionality.

It was the first time that it hit me that I needed my phone during my 8th grade year. I was at the neighboring area to our place playing football. I went to help myself to the washroom, where I locked myself in accidentally. I was forced to wait until someone else came to the washroom. After someone came and opened it for me after one hour, I thought how easy it could have been if I had a phone. I could just have asked for help just via one call. This instance hit me right that I need my phone.

With that instance, after I went home that day, I pressured my parents to buy me a phone where; they took me to a Samsung shop the next day around our neighborhood and purchased me a phone. I felt very nice because I wanted to have my phone since I usually felt that having a phone was necessary.

I have a perfect spot for my phone. My phone is my every a lot in my life revolves around it. I utilize my phone for various functions, setting reminders, alarms, playing a game such as chess, and most importantly, I use my phone to work out and network with my family and friends. In a nutshell, I guess I have become attached to my phone as a fundamental need to me; that is, I require my phone to handle many things in my life.