Relate how caring for self benefits you, youre family, and your patients?

Relate how caring for self benefits you, you’re family, and your patients?

Guidelines: 1. Create a list of things which you enjoy. 2. Create a list of activities which rejuvenate you. 3. Conduct a literature search from all disciplines on caring for self, relaxation, meditation, or an area of your personal interest (Example: painting, gardening, dance, read a book (not textbook), etc). 4. Perform one activity of self caring from your list and write a summary of your experience; (or) 5. Demonstrate the outcomes from your activity though tangible means. (Example: write a poem, paint a picture, take a photograph, video a dance routine, or complete an art project, do crafts, sewing, reading, writing, or other hobby or neglected interest that sustains you as a person). Submission of project for grade: 1. Write a two to three page paper stating why you chose this particular caring activity? Relate how caring for self benefits you, you’re family, and your patients? 2. Or- submit documentation of your completed project. Send a picture of your completed project which was something you created, performed, or enjoyed? 3. How did this project allow you to care for yourself and Why? 4. Explain how you can incorporate self care into your week and how will you sustain it? 5. The Caring paper should be in your own words, written as a journal entry, or a letter to yourself. 6. Enjoy this project; it is not intended to be a formal research paper, but a celebration of you as a Nurse professional. 7. This project is to reward you for your passion for Nursing, compassion for others, and decision to continue your academic studies. 8. Include a quoted caring caritas that relates to your personal self care project? 9. APA reference page to include all articles which you used for this project, it is not necessary to quote from each one. One quotation is sufficient. (please use articles with in the last 5 years).

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