Registered Nurse Interview Reflection

Registered Nurse Interview Reflection


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Registered Nurse Interview Reflection

To complete this assignment, I interviewed Lisa, my mother’s best friend, who has worked as a registered nurse. To conduct the assignment, I first reached out to my mother early enough, who promised to talk to Lisa on my behalf. I was hopeful that she would agree to the interview seeing that we have a good relationship. After some days, she called, and we scheduled the interview at a convenient time. The interview was conducted on the phone via face time as I felt it was important for me to take note of her facial expressions when responding to my questions. After scoring an interviewee, I came up with a list of interview questions for the exercise.

Since I was recording the interview, I began by asking Lisa to introduce herself by stating her name and what she does. I asked her what made her choose a career as a nurse. She said she drew inspiration from her mother, who was also a nurse. As regards where she completed her training, she mentioned that she attended UCLA, where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in nursing. I asked what she finds most rewarding and she said the smile on the face of her patients keeps her motivated. She goes to sleep with a smile, knowing that she has made a difference in society. She mentioned that the most challenging part of her job is losing patients. She said that nobody prepares one for such circumstances and it weighs heavy on her at times. Lisa said that the only piece of advice she can give to a person considering a nursing profession is that they should go for it. She mentioned that nursing of the most demanding career yet fulfilling career and that it takes more than passion for staying the course. I asked her what her duties were and she mentioned they ranged from conducting physical exams, providing counseling, conducting health histories, analyzing patient emotional and physical needs, to coordinating care with other specialists. I asked her where she sees herself in 10 years, she said that she intends to climb the career ladder even more, take up a leadership position in the department and venture into private practice. I asked her the qualities of a good nurse she mentioned qualities such as effective communication, empathy, knowledge, hard work and optimism.

From this interview with Lisa, I learned that while a nursing career is one of the most rewarding professions, it is quite as challenging. I realize that it takes more than passion for one to have a successful career in nursing. I also learned that one cannot be successful nurse if they are not empathetic. Nurses always deal with sick clients and they need to relate to their client’s feelings (Aydin, Mine and Aslihan, 239). Nurses are expected to be nurturing in nature, and hence they must show their understanding of the patient’s situation. I have also learned the importance of furthering one’s education in the nursing profession. It makes it easy for one to climb the career ladder.

The interview with Lisa made me feel even more motivated to pursue a career in the nursing profession. When I asked her what advice she would give to a person interested in pursuing a nursing career, she said she would tell them to go for it. The advice boosts my confidence that a nursing career is the best fit for me. Like Lisa, I am passionate about the profession and know that I can attain my dream of becoming a nurse with proper focus and a positive attitude.

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