Reflection on the Interview Process

Reflection on the Interview Process


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Reflection on the Interview Process

The interview was done via a phone call to a registered nurse at Mayo Clinic working at the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She was so friendly and cooperative during the whole interview process. The interview comprised of eight questions touching on different areas such as the drive to do nursing, the schooling requirements, and professional life as a nurse. I think the answers I received from this exercise were good and shed enough light on different aspects of the nursing profession.

I learnt enough things from this interview. One lesson learnt was some of the different reasons that drive people into doing what they love most. For this interviewee, her passion for becoming a nurse started long time ago as a young child, while for me the desire grew after my high school years. After I had done well in my high school level, I realized nursing was one of the best courses I would do because I would not lack a job opportunity and I would be contributing to a healthier nation through healthcare.

I also learnt about different schooling requirements for different levels in nursing. One can begin from humble beginnings and become whoever they wish to become. For instance my interviewee started from being a HOSA club member in high school to a nurse assistant and grew her way up to a registered nurse years later. For others, they can start from community level or jump straight to a degree in nursing all of which are essential.

Additionally, I also learnt about how to behave as a nurse and what the nursing profession entails. For instance this interviewee commented that she could overstretch to any lengths just to make sure her patients are well cared for and handed over to the next shift nurses before she could call it a day. I am also called to be selfless as a nurse because at the end of the day, quality care and health outcomes are of more concern to nurses than other things.

From the passion my interviewee had, I believe this is a profession I want to pursue to be at her level or more. Just like her, I am also delighted to see other people happy, smile and satisfied hence nursing is the only profession I can think of that can help me achieve that. Apart from that, I have gained some knowledge that nursing is not just about the happy side of life but a call that needs one to be strong enough because there are situations where outcomes will not be as desired but one has to dust and stand up for another day and another challenge.

This interview did not change my perception and desire to be a nurse. In fact it has strengthened it because I have heard from an expert in the field about the good and bad side of the profession. I believe with the right education, knowledge and skills gained from this college, I will be more than ready to embrace the bright side and mitigate the bad side hence attaining holistic goals for myself and patients. I have also had a desire to become a nurse for sometimes now and I think it will only be fair to myself if I embrace the challenge and pursue nursing to attain my future goals. Of course I want to be in a rewarding profession despite the challenges I may face because at the end of the day I will be delighted that I did the best I could and the right thing to everyone around me.

I have learned a lot from this interview but the most conspicuous idea I’ve come out with is that, one need not to give up no matter what. Even if the challenge is finances, one can start small and eventually attain their dream. It doesn’t matter where you began, but what matters is that you never gave up and you eventually attained your hearts desires. Like for her she began way in high school just as a club member and after that finances did not deter her from pursuing her dreams. She enrolled to a community training college for a nursing assistant role and here she is as a RN and working with one of the best clinics in the country. Furthermore, she is not done yet and still ready to enrol for a Masters degree and a PhD in nursing later soon. The best thing about this journey is that she is doing what she loves the most and so nothing can stop her from becoming who she wants to become in the future. We share similar sentiments and I am sure if I don’t give up, I can reach where she is and beyond with time.