Reflection Essay Assignment

Reflection Essay Assignment


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Reflection Essay Assignment

`The primary theme in Chapter 11 of the textbook ‘Counseling the Culturally Diverse Theory and Practice-8th edition revolves around racial, ethnic, and cultural identity for people of color. The textbook also incorporates sub-themes that form the subject of discussion.

Racial awakening

Racial awakening is one of the sub-themes that the authors tackle in this textbook. In my viewpoint, racial awakening refers to the heightened awareness that black people possess. Racial awakening is spurred by personal experiences and the education of people of color.

Racial identity has to do with how people of color perceive and make sense of themselves. As far as racial, ethnic and cultural identity goes, people of color have for a long time struggled with acceptance, but they have always faced the issues head-on by pushing for equal rights for all people. The main question in regard to this chapter has to do with the struggles that people of color go through in their journey of acceptance from other people where the racial identity is concerned.

The thematic element that makes the most sense was racial awakening. I believe people of color have come a long way in their journey to acceptance and equality. Worth noting, there has been increased racial awakening among people of color. Various factors such as awareness raising, government support and constitutional provisions have favored the awakening of people, which has changed people’s attitude on racism. Another question that arises on this issue has to do with the value that a general racial, ethnic, and cultural identity can provide and do people of color stand to benefit from it.