Reflection Advanced Pharmacology

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This was course in advanced pharmacology that used many case studies.

Reflect back over the past eight weeks and describe how the achievement of the course outcomes in this course have prepared you to meet the MSN program outcome #3, MSN Essential IX, and NP Core Competencies # 5

Program Outcome #3:

Use contemporary communication modalities effectively in advanced nursing roles

MSN Essential IX: Master’s-Level Nursing Practice

Recognizes that nursing practice, at the master’s level, is broadly defined as any form of nursing intervention that influences healthcare outcomes for individuals, populations, or systems. Master’s-level nursing graduates must have an advanced level of understanding of nursing and relevant sciences as well as the ability to integrate this knowledge into practice. Nursing practice interventions include both direct and indirect care components.

Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies
#5 Technology and Information Literacy Competencies

1. Integrates appropriate technologies for knowledge management to improve health care.
2. Translates technical and scientific health information appropriate for various users’ needs.
2a). Assesses the patient’s and caregiver’s educational needs to provide effective, personalized
health care.
2b). Coaches the patient and caregiver for positive behavioral change.
3. Demonstrates information literacy skills in complex decision making.
4. Contributes to the design of clinical information systems that promote safe, quality and cost effective
5. Uses technology systems that capture data on variables for the evaluation of nursing care.

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