Reasons to visit Lanai




Reasons to visit Lanai

I have always enjoyed touring to new places during the summer break. This is the only way I get to enjoy other life besides the busy life in the city and the memory of school work. Last holiday I decided to visit Lanai in Hawaii. I wanted a quiet place where I would experience all the activities I had wished for while young. The place is so fresh and green for one to imagine there exists deserted places. I still have the memories of the place and I believe it will take longer for me to forget about the beautiful serene in Lanai. The island is also known as the Pineapple. It was developed in the 1920s by James Dortmund who built bungalows to house his workers ( It was once considered as among the largest pineapple plantations in the world. Currently, more than three thousands of people reside in the Island and it is no longer known for its pineapple plantation but the beautiful nature that the place has.

Visiting the place, I had a different experience on the atmosphere. I am used to waking up to noises in the city with cars hooting, this was not the same in Lanai. In the Island, one wakes up to a silent and peaceful morning. The sight of the sun rising and the rays reflecting in the water is wat one can’t miss to see in the amazing island ( The night is what changes everything, one can hardly hear a pin drop, it is all quiet and peaceful. On can sit on the chairs for ours and watch the true nature without getting bored, since the place is so calm and one can assume that there are no thieves and gangsters who rob a night.

Since back in the city there is a lot of air pollution and industrial activities, in Lanai the experience is different. Breathing the air, one can feel that it is cleaner. Perhaps this can be attributed to the green plantations that are everywhere that aid in air circulation. The bamboo plantation in the area is also widespread and it makes the place look more attractive. The people of Hawaii have utilized this plantation and made seats out of it that one can relax on them while watching the environment.

It is hard to get a direct flight from the mainland, but once one gets to the place, there are a lot to enjoy. The surroundings which are tropical makes it ideal for various sporting activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling. One can also go for swimming in the Hoopoe Bay which is a marine preservation area. At the offshore and the land of the island there are other activities such as golfing, four wheeling, hiking, horseback riding and whale watching. One cannot miss to watch how the whales in the ocean move around. Also in Lanai one gets a chance to visit the garden of Gods where he or she get to explore the red spires ( Getting directions on where to get all these activities and places is not a problem since the locals in the area are friendly and welcoming thus will be kind enough to walk one around just like they did guide me on my visit to the place.

Besides the green nature that one will find at the resorts in Lanai, there also exist rocks which are as a result of volcanic eruption. Residing in the cool heights of Lanai, one is able to get a beautiful view of the rocks that are always termed as ‘red dirt field’ among the rocks we have the sweetheart rock visited by many.

Conclusively, Lanai is a beautiful place that I would advise anyone looking for next destination for vacation to visit Lanai. Adventure will make it up for all that one will miss in the clubs and night parties. The place is amazing and is associated with famous people like Bill Gates.

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