Reasons for Joining the Nursing Program





Reasons for Joining the Nursing Program

I have chosen the nursing career because of the vast fulfillment and the challenge it offers. I regard nursing as a career that offers never-ending training due to the myriad of challenges that arise in the healthcare profession. From my personal and work experience, nursing offers immense fulfillment due to the core values it promotes in its practice: caring for the most vulnerable and for human life. Working at the Tower Health Reading Hospital and the Albright College Gable Health Center has exposed me to various professions in Health Care but I am convinced that Nursing is the career for me since it offers the highest level of human interaction. The nursing career is also one of the few careers that have perks such as providing an opportunity to make a real difference in the world, offers a work-life balance, job security, career diversity, flexibility, provides room to grow, and high salary packages. Therefore, nursing does not only resonate deeply with my own personal interests it also resonates with my career goals.

I believe I make a good fit for this Nursing Program because I am dedicated, hardworking, and passionate in all my endeavors. I also have solid communication and interpersonal skills and I am highly empathetic. I have a keen sense of detail and not to mention, some experience in Public Health. With time and experience, I have learned to work well under stress and pressure and to be flexible. My GPA is also commendable. However, I do not attribute my academic success to grade-fixation or innate intelligence, but to the fact that I believe in hard work and that I enjoy new learning experiences that come my way.