Reasons and objectives for transferring

Reasons and objectives for transferring





Reasons and objectives for transferring

I am a proud member of the shoreline community college. I have successfully completed two years of my educational curriculum making me well versed in the course. I intend to acquire a degree in communication with a major in public relations. There are several advantages that I have received during my stay in shoreline community college. Seeking to transfer is therefore not based on the standards of the school but on the next level of achievement I would like to achieve.

My main aspiration in terms of my career is to become renowned public relations figure. My source of motivation for taking on public relations as a career of choice is driven by my love for self image. Communication involves the transferring messages from of person to another. Using the principles of public relations can help change the negative image of an individual. My current school offers the complete courses required to complete the course successfully. Despite this, I need a school that enhances my talents through the use of extracurricular activities, public relations programs and good references. This along with my good grades will improve my chances getting a place in a successful PR company.

I am one of the beneficiaries of the American educational system due to my transfer from Indonesia. The country offers a wide variety of opportunities which are ideal for my future objectives. My main aim is to open up my own public relations farm in the long run. This can only be achieved if I join a school that is known for its focus on the subject at hand.

Reasons for pursuing an education in public relations

Public relations is one of the branches of the communication educational curriculum. Communication is essential for the growth and sustainability of the country as a whole. There are several careers that a student can obtain through the study of communication. One of the reasons that I choose to study public relations is its impact on the society. Society is significant in that it represents the culture of the entire community. Most of the rules and regulations are determined by the culture we uphold as a community. As individuals we are obliged to act certain away so as to reflect on societal demands. Public relations ensure that people maintain the respect of the general public. Having a good reputation is ideal requirements for the success of public individual, organizations, business and institutions. It is difficult to maintain a consistent stance on an ideology. This may sometimes lead an individual to stray from the required norms and cultural aspects of the society. Some have argued that public relations improve the image of people while hiding their real intentions. This is however not the case in that public relations activities keep the behaviors of the general public in check. This in turn creates a better environment for the development and sustainability of the community. My decision to venture into this industry appeals to my personality and personal qualities. The acquisition of my own company will ensure that I contribute positively to my community. It will also serve as a leeway for the emergence of future public relations protégés. One of the ways that I can make this possible is my enrolment in my new school of choice.