Question 1 Which one of these was NOT a famous heroic female?

Question 1

  1. Which one of these was NOT a famous heroic female?

    Candace (Kush)

    Ariel (Palestine)

    Joan of Arc (France)

    Mulan (China)

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Question 2

  1. The Maya and the early tribes of Africa were matrilineal, a term meaning?

    Societies where females were in charge

    Nations without marriage laws

    Families that traced descent through the mothers side

    Cultures with art that featured facial structures

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Question 3

  1. The precursor societies to the Maya and the Inca were?

    Olmecs and Chavin

    Toltecs and Amazonians

    Aztec and Toltecs

    They had no precursors

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Question 4

  1. Timbuktu was…?

    A center of learning and knowledge in Africa

    A center of trade and Islamic culture

    Capitol of the Malian Empire

    All of these

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Question 5

  1. The Inca used a complex writing system based on…?

    Beautiful calligraphy

    Intricately knotted ropes



2 points

Question 6

  1. The Olmec civilization fell due to…?

    Outside invasion

    Assimilation into the Maya

    Natural disasters


2 points

Question 7

  1. The growth of sub-Saharan African empires was made possible by…?

    The camel to facilitate long-distance trade

    Left over Roman roads

    Rivers that went through the desert bringing goods

    Ships moving down the Atlantic coast

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