Politicization of accounting standards

After reading case 1-2 Standard Setting: “Politicization of accounting standards A necessary act?” in the textbook, write an essay that includes the following elements:

  1. A formal introduction.
  2. Answers to questions (a) through (e) of the case, focusing on the possible erosion of the independence of the accounting standard-setting process.
  3. A conclusion.

Your submitted paper should be at least 2-3 pages long and written according to following APA style, and properly referenced.

Note that the textbook author is citing a source in this case, which must be considered when forming your references and citations.

Case study 1-2 attached in 2 files, I suggest to print them. Thank you.

Case study reference

Gibson, C. H. (2011).  Financial Reporting & Analysis: Using Financial Accounting Information (13th Ed.). Mason, OH: South Western/Cengage. ISBN‐13: 9781133188797

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