Patient Safety Culture and the Association with Safe Resident Care in Nursing Homes

Include an overview of the problem/issue discussed in the article.

Summarize any theories or conclusions reached by the author.
Briefly provide your own assessment of the article, evaluating its strengths and weaknesses.
Explain how the article relates or contributes towards the field of health care.
Please include a cover page, 2 full pages of content and a reference page. A total of 4 pages for each article assignment.
Your Turn It In score should be NO higher than 20%. If your score is higher than 20%, you will be directed to redo the assignment ( depends on the circumstances), get tutoring for writing and speaking to the Academic Affairs Dean. There will be other consequences such as 0’s and being reviewed by a committee if the issue persist.
Each Article Review should be a minimum of two pages (double-spaced) in a Word document and adhere to APA style. See detailed grading rubric.

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