Pain Experienced After witnessing a Friend Get Involved in an Accident and Died.



Pain Experienced After witnessing a Friend Get Involved in an Accident and Died.

Childhood comes with a lot of experiences including both painful and good experiences. Some experiences are painful enough to cause memories that will never be erased. One will always find it hard to explain about the type of pain experienced since one lacks knowledge on a given subject. Parents are the ones left with the hard task of determining what is the cause of pain and how crucial the pain is. Sometimes a child may be over reacting by crying too much or may be genuinely crying because of the intense pain experienced. We have all experienced pain at one point in life be it physical or emotional pain.

Personally while I was eleven years old, I witnessed my friend involved in an accident which unfortunately lead to his death. I can recall that we were on our way home feeling happy and playing all over since we were to close school in two days and we were done with our exams. The street we used to cross after the school bus dropped us at the next stop to our home was less busy. Very few cars moved around. However, that evening it was different, we were not keen enough to look right and left before crossing. As soon as we started crossing there was a car coming and it was on a high speed. I cannot tell how it did knock my friend down since all I heard was a loud scream and the next thing to witness was my friend lying down on the road and blood around her. The car stopped, the car driver was quick to ask where my friends home was and I pointed to him since it was meters away. I saw her rushed to the hospital and the image kept crossing my mind. It got worse when I was told that she had passed away.

The event left me in deep pain and for the first two days as I can relate now, I can tell it got me depressed. I had never witnessed an accident before and to worsen it, it was my friend who was involve and she happened to have died. My parents had a hard time in dealing with my situation since the emotional pain was unbearable, I found it had to go to school by myself or even cross the road. For about two months, I was crying immediately I started to imagine about what happen. Even though I was no longer in tears, one year down the line I was sad of what had happened. My mother noticed this and recommended that I should take a break from school and see a counsellor.

For sure, the counselor helped me out. After explaining to the female counselor about what had happened and how I was feeling, she took me through sessions of counselling and physical activities. The counselor made me feel happy and always after sharing with her, I could feel myself relieved off the pain. She was friendly enough and I felt free to share all my previous experiences and how I felt. After some two weeks, I started to gain confidence in crossing roads, I had no phobia to moving cars and I could even stop a car at the bus stop by myself. The pain and fear was going away slowly. After a moth I felt happy once again and when I remembered of the incident I could not feel sad nor cry anymore. I learnt how to accept and cope up with what had happened. I can tell that the counselor helped to relive me of the burden of pain that was with me for more than a year.

Conclusively, I can now manage such a situation and anything related to the pain I had experienced. When such a thing happens to me in future, I can go to the counselor and involving myself with exercises to destruct my mind will also help just like the counselor instructed me. I was able to write of the myths and misconceptions associated with similar pain. All many think is that an accident is something that can be forgotten easily but at least I understood that it was not. I can ascertain that currently I can help friends going through similar pain from what the counselor taught me during the sessions.