Oboe is a musical instrument which is a soprano-range with double reed and belongs to the woodwind family

Oboe is a musical instrument which is a soprano-range with double reed and belongs to the woodwind family







Oboe is a musical instrument which is a soprano-range with double reed and belongs to the woodwind family. Oboe is about sixty two centimeters long.

The history of oboe

Pevey traces the history oboe from ancient civilization period pictorial representations and archeological discoveries which dates back as far as 3000 B.C. in an Egyptian art. This followed an excavation at the Royal Cemetery of Ur; where an instrument which was made of silver was unearthed. The instrument had a narrow bore together with three holes which she said made it to be a double reed wind instrument. The early discovery was followed by an intense interest in the musical instrument during the Renaissance period of Europe; however, there are no clear details as to how this instrument entered Europe.

During the Third Year War (1618-1648), power and wealth in Europe resided within the monarchies and aristocrats of Europe. Notably, is King Louis XIV of France, who asked for the instrument to be modified for indoor performances. Thus several modifications were done to the oboe (Pevey). Besides the above, there is a second historical finding featured below.

The name oboe traces its origin from a French word “hautbois”, which means high or loud wood. The instrument was invented in Middle Ages and use to be played by hunters and shepherds and later it was acknowledged into orchestra in France in 1657. Since then the quality of the music that it produced has been improved tremendously, and this has seen its popularity increase for more than the last three centuries it has been in existence (Samuel and Jason).

There are several manufacturers of oboe. One of which is Barrington Instruments Inc. U.S. A. besides, there are Buffet Crampon in Mantes-la-Ville, France and Carmichael in UK among many others.

The famous performers of oboe are Robert Bloom and Sara Lambert Bloom. Robert was born in 1908 and demised in 1994. He was a renowned oboist and oboe teacher worldwide. Sara was his wife who was born in 1944. She is also an accomplished oboist and oboe teacher (Bloom).

Another notable oboist is Mitch miller. Born on 4th April, 1911, he is known as one of the famous oboists in history (famouswhy).

Famous oboe composer are Bellini Vincenzo who was one of the distinguished (David) composers of the Italian opera in early 19th century. He was born on 3rd November, 1801 and died in 1835 in Paris (Classical Net). In addition, Vincenzo Righini who was born on 22nd January, 1756 and died on 1812; was an Italian chorister and later he was a singing teacher. He also earner his share of being a famous oboe composer (Jakubcova).

Repertoire includes Albinoni, Amani, and Grieg (David). In addition to the above repertoire there are Haydn and Jacob (Pianoaccompaniments).

Famous Orchestras: are Baltimore Symphony Orchestra- The Oboe Section and the Monroe Symphony Orchestra are my favorite orchestras. (Celloheaven).


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