oakland. The current chief of police in Oakland police department is Sean Whent





1.The current chief of police in Oakland police department is Sean Whent. Sean is a former chief in the department of risk management. He was worked with auditing reforms that have been negotiating settlement agreement due to the instability of OPD to conform to court order. The main function of OPD law enforcement is to patrol within their respective areas, provide additional uniform police in parks, street fairs and markets. It is also their responsibility to assist in marathons, Pedestrian traffics and parades.

2. OPD was the third Police Academy to be awarded accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies on December 26, 2006.


The number of sworn officers in OPD is approximately 637 officers. OPD also consist of civilian personnel and they are approximately 7000 civilians working for the OPD doing work such Psychologist, Auxiliary Police Volunteers etc.

4. As the year 2010 ended, the quantity of minorities in the force was 47% and they were officers on patrol. The percentile of detectives in the force was 43%. In the category of Sergeants only 39% were minorities with the difference been the majority. When it comes to Captains inside the force, the percentage of minorities was a staggering 18%. The percentage of lieutenants in the minority corner was 24% and last but not least the percentage of chiefs in the minority side had a percentage of 33%.

B. come the end of the year 2010 a tally was done and the following information was released to the public. The percentage of the whole staff that was considered white was 53%. Of all the officers on patrol on a day to day basis, 53% or 11,717 officers were black, Latino, or Asian, whereas 47% or 10,482 officers were non Hispanic Europeans. Of all the chiefs in the force, 7 were white while the remainder was mixed races. The number of detectives that were white was 2,953 out of a total of5, 177 while the remainder was a mixture of different races. Sergeants were 2,841 who were white coming to a percentage of 61% out of 4,639. Captains were 356 or 82% who were white out of a total of 432. Lastly the lieutenants who were white were 1, 323 or 76% out of a total of 1, 742.

5. The jurisdiction information of the force is as follows: – The size that the state troopers manage is 54, 556 square miles or 141, 300 km squared. The population of the whole state is 19. 4 million.6. The Okland police force began its community policing approach in the early 1990s and its main objective was to bring together the police and the community residents to work together so as to fight crime. In my opinion it takes up to around 67%. It has several policing initiatives as listed below:

Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect Campaign

Precinct Community Councils

Citizen’s police academy

Cultural Diversity workshops

Model Block Program

Clergy Liaison Program

7. OPD has numerous geographical beats and they are listed below as follows:


1st Precinct  16 Ericsson Place 5th Precinct  19 Elizabeth Street

6th Precinct  233 West 10 Street

7th Precinct  19 1/2 Pitt Street

9th Precinct  321 East 5 Street

10th Precinct  230 West 20th Street

13th Precinct  230 East 21st Street

Midtown So.Pct.357 West 35th Street 

17th Precinct  167 East 51st Street

Midtown HYPERLINK “http://www.nyc.gov/html/nypd/html/precincts/precinct_018.shtml”No.Pct.306 West 54th Street

19th Precinct  153 East 67th Street

20th Precinct  120 West 82nd Street

Central Park Pct.86th St & Transverse Road 

23rd Precinct  162 East 102nd Street

24th Precinct  151 West 100th Street

25th Precinct  120 East 119th Street

26th Precinct  520 West 126th Street

28th Precinct  2271-89 8th Avenue

30th Precinct  451 West 151st Street

32nd Precinct  250 West 135th Street

33rd Precinct  2207 Amsterdam Avenue

34th Precinct  4295 Broadway

40th Precinct  257 Alexander Avenue

41st Precinct  1035 Longwood Avenue

42nd Precinct  830 Washington Avenue

43rd Precinct  900 Freely Avenue

44th Precinct  2 East 169th Street

45th Precinct  2877 Barkley Avenue

46th Precinct  2120 Rye Avenue

47th Precinct  4111 Laconia Avenue

48th Precinct  450 Cross Bronx Expressway

49th Precinct  2121 Eastchester Road

50th Precinct  3450 Kingsbridge Avenue

52nd Precinct  3016 Webster Avenue

60th Precinct  2951 West 8th Street

61st Precinct  2575 Coney Island Avenue

62nd Precinct  1925 Bath Avenue

63rd Precinct  1844 Brooklyn Avenue

66th Precinct  5822 16th Avenue

67th Precinct  2820 Snyder Avenue

68th Precinct  333 65th Street

69th Precinct  9720 Foster Avenue

70th Precinct  154 Lawrence Avenue

71st Precinct  421 Empire Boulevard

72nd Precinct  830 4th Avenue

73rd Precinct  1470 East New York Avenue

75th Precinct  1000 Sutter Avenue

76th Precinct  191 Union Street

77th Precinct  127 Utica Avenue

78th Precinct  65 6th Avenue

79th Precinct  263 Tompkins Avenue

81st Precinct  30 Ralph Avenue

83rd Precinct  480 Knickerbockers Avenue

84th Precinct  301 Gold Street

88th Precinct  298 Classon Avenue

90th Precinct  211 Union Avenue

94th Precinct  100 Meserole Avenue

100th Precinct 92-24 Rockaway Beach Boulevard

101st Precinct  16-12 Mott Avenue

102nd Precinct  87-34 118th Street

103rd Precinct  168-02 P.O Edward Byrne Ave.

104th Precinct  64-2 Catalpa Avenue

105th Precinct  92-08 222nd Street

106th Precinct  103-53 101st Street

107th Precinct  71-01 Parsons Boulevard

108th Precinct  5-47 50th Avenue

109th Precinct  37-05 Union Street

110th Precinct  94-41 43rd Avenue

111th Precinct  42-06 215th Street

112th Precinct  68-40 Austin Street

113th Precinct  167-02 Baisley Boulevard

114th Precinct  34-16 Astoria Boulevard

115th Precinct  92-15 Northern Boulevard

120th Precinct  78 Richmond Terrace

122nd Precinct  2320 Hylan Boulevard

123rd Precinct  116 Main Street

8.Sworn patrol officers work four (9 hour) days in a row on a rotating schedule which includes working weekends and holidays. Officers are assigned to one of three watches:

>First watch

>Second watch

>Third watch

9. There are a number of employee and bargaining unions in the New York force. They are as follows: – Oakland and Hospitals corporation. This union operates the public hospitals and clinics in Oakland. It operates more than 10 hospitals, four nursing homes, six diagnostic and treatment centers and more than 70 community-based care sites that cater for mainly for the poor and working class in the city.

The next agency is the Oakland office of emergency management that deals with the oversight and the development of the city’s emergency management plans. It regularly tests their plans by conducting a number of drills and exercises and responds to ensure that other agencies follow this plan and communicate among the other responding agencies.

Another agency in Oakland is the Oakland Landmarks Preservation commission that is responsible for the preservation of historically important buildings, structures, and other objects that make up the Oakland vista. The commission preserves not only historic buildings, but also the overall feel of neighborhoods that are designated as historic districts.


A. A Patrol Officer in the OPD is usually assigned geographical areas for a period of not less than a week where they rotate to other areas overtime. They change shifts through use of shift bidding that allows the OPD police officers to bid for time that they want to work on patrol. Shift bidding in OPD is done monthly

11. Ranking structure in descending order:

12. The Hierarchy of personnel in the OPD is as follows in ascending order:

Police commissioner who is the person in charge of OPD

Chief of Department

Assistant chief

Deputy Chief





Police Officer

Probationary Police officer

Recruit Officer


Emergency service unit

The Emergency Service Unit is a constituent of the Special Operations Division. It offers dedicated support and highly developed equipment to supplementary OPD units and is cross trained in numerous disciplines for law enforcement and rescue effort. All ESU officers are trained in search and rescue, SCUBA diving, building collapse and heavy weapons and hazardous materials containment. They lift subway trains, remove roofs from car wrecks and counsel emotionally disturbed individuals out of dangerous situations.

Other specialized units are as follows:


Aviation unit

Harbor unit as well as scuba team

Mounted unit

Anti-terrorism unit

Criminal intelligence

Anti-gang Unit

Bomb disposal unit

Narcotics unit

Public transportation and Housing unit

14. All the employees are trained in incident command system. The incident command system is a systematic tool that is usually used to command, control and coordination of emergency response in Oakland. It normally deals in disaster management and humanitarian assistance. It improves emergency response operations of all types and complexities. For example the Okland air-sea rescue that is the coordinated search and rescue of survivors of water ways emergencies as well as citizens who have lost their vessels while at sea.

15. The issues facing Oakland police department are as follows: –

Use of Anti-Muslim Propaganda

The Jews for racial and economic justice condemned the OPD for showing an anti-Muslim film to approximately 1,500 police officers during part of their training. This was wrong of the OPD as it is considered unethical and unlawful.

Disregard of team values

In 2009 FBI and the OPD were mandated to work together in the investigation of terrorist NajibullahZazi. This project almost failed terribly as the OPD agents decided to work as lone wolves and ticked off the terrorist.


The daily news reported very disturbing news stating that some OPD senior officers of an elite unit within the department used racial slurs against Black people that refer to them as animals and should be treated as such.

16. The mission of the OPD is to augment the excellence of life in the city by working in partnership with the general public and in accordance with constitutional rights to implement the laws, safeguard the peace, decrease fear and present a safe setting.

17. To maintain officer law enforcement, the STATE mandates one refresher in-service training hours every five years



The two law enforcement agencies teamed up to carry out terrorist investigations on NajibullahZazi.

OPD and Massachusetts State Police

They worked together to spy and monitor a group known as the Black Tea Society.OPD and numerous law enforcement agencies

The agencies with the help of the OPD were able to capture or kill the suspects of the Boston marathon bombing recently.


A. There are no specified dates for hiring in the OPD, if and when an applicant completes the requirements to become an officer of the OPD successfully he or she will be hired immediately. The starting salary is $41,975 per month.

B. in order to apply for the position of law enforcement officer in the OPD the applicant has to have the following:

Sixty college credits with a 2.0 GPA from accredited college or university or two years of full-time, active military service in the United States Armed Forces with an Honorable Discharge and have a High School Diploma or its equivalent.

c. Hiring Process includes:

The applicant Processing Division.This is where the most qualified candidates to fill the position are identifiedPre-Hire Interview, applicant should have a brief medical exam and a character investigation is done on the applicant.

Medical Exam, an applicant undergoes a medical exam, have document 60 college credits and a 2.0 GPA or 2years military service, fingerprinting is also done on this stage.

Written Psychological, applicant should undertake a standardized written psychological test.

Job Standard Test, a physical test in the form of a continuousevent which must be completed in four minutes and twenty eight seconds.

Oral Psychological an applicant at this level undergoes an oral interview.

Character Investigation, applicant meets with investigator where they review the application booklet and address problems and discrepancies.

d. The eligibility is valid for 30days


A. In order to apply and become eligible for promotion from a low level police officer to a sergeant in the OPD the applicant should possess the following requirements:

Should have worked in an investigative position for 18 months as a police officer and perform to basic standards

Should have 64 completed a minimum of 64 college credits.

Should undertake an exam.B. The promotion process from police officer to a detective is first he or she should take part in an analytical obligation for 18 months, whereby they will be promoted to detective investigator grade three. With time the applicant rises in ranks from grade 3 to grade 1 detective, where he or she will be eligible to take promotional civil service exams and if passed they are most likely to be promoted to supervisory ranks.

c. The hiring process of the directors of the OPD is as follows:

There should be a vacant position in the department

One should possess a bachelor’s degree

One should have worked in the police force for in specialized units for more than 18 months

The police commissioner conducts interviews with every single applicant

The police commissioner then employs the director after choosing the best of the applicants by analyzing their job skills and qualities.