Nursing philosophical statement


In this exercise, you will be asked to complete a philosophical statement on a particular topic of your choice.

1. Assist you in understanding your own beliefs and values about a particular subject, and how personal and professional experiences can influence those beliefs.

2.Provide you with an experiential learning strategy that provides insight into the earlier processes of research.

Steps of the process:

1. Choose a topic that is important to you as a nurse—one that influences your health care decisions. In eCollege under Assignment 1 you will find more information on suggested topics.

2. Complete an assessment of your experiences, values, and beliefs related to the topic. Think about how your personal bias might impact you from looking at this topic objectively. Reflect on how your experiences influence your beliefs and values, this is an important consideration for researcher(s) as conduct and present studies of merit and solid evidence.

Please incorpate this in the philosophical statement

(I want to incorporate in the philosophical statement that you should demostrate an ounce of caring and empathy to be an effective nursing this is important.

I wanted to also include that in my previous job and a family service worker that although it is a different from of social service the same priniciples still apply. Ive for for socail service and I see it has a diservice to the community that you service if you dont care or display an ounce of empathy for those in which you service. One has to be caring in order to properly excute the task of providing economical support for those that seek it as well as in nursing.)

3. Provide a summary statement, including any unanswered questions or remaining conflicts you may have pertaining to the phenomenon being discussed. (Entire paper should be 1-2 pages, typed using APA format)
These websites can help to provide you with timely research topics in nursing:

· National Institute for Nursing Research

· National League for Nursing

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