nursing management of chronic conditions

nursing management of chronic conditions
2018 NSG2NCI Writing Assessment
Weight: 35% of marks for NSG2NCI
Word count: 1500 words
Due before: September 17, 2018 – 1600hrs.
Relevant SILOs:
1. Evaluate public health concepts applied to chronic conditions.
2. Critically analyse evidence-based health care models designed for the
management of chronic conditions.
3. Develop an understanding of the impact of chronic disease on the
4. Adapt already acquired skills to enable flexible use of collaborative health
care systems and self-management practice.
To be a registered nurse, you need the ability to use your knowledge about the
impact of chronic illnesses on individuals to select appropriate public health
strategies and models of care. This writing task will assess your ability to research
and discuss interdisciplinary health care systems that will help support a person
living with a chronic illness to live well and engage in self-management strategies.
Discuss the guide questions that follow the scenario using three (3) short essays.
Each essay must be supported by at least two (2) relevant journal articles. That
means that you will be using at least six (6) relevant journal articles in total.
Full name: Elizabeth Permadi
Preferred name: Liz
Liz is a 49 year old woman from the East Java province of Indonesia. She weighs 87
kg and is 165 cm in height. She was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis five years
ago and has been trying to cut down on the number of cigarettes she smokes
since then. At present, she smokes an average of 3 sticks of cigarette per day,
usually after meals. She drinks occasionally (average of 2 standard drinks per week)
and denies use of illicit drugs. She exercises by walking their dog around the
neighbourhood for 15 minutes each day. Liz has ongoing hypertension and high
blood cholesterol, for which she takes Metoprolol 50mg every morning and
Pravastatin 10mg every night. Liz reports that elevated cholesterol levels are very
common among the members of her father’s family.

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