Nursing Care Plan for my Clinical class

Nursing Care Plan 1600

Discipline: – Nursing

Type of service: Other

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Number of pages: 4 pages

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Paper details:

This is a Nursing Care Plan for my Clinical class, I’m in pediatrics. i have provided a template and an example of what the final paper should look like. i have provided information on the patient i have. please fill in the blanks with his personal information. Any information you need and I don t have please advise me.

Patients family – mom and dad are devoted cChristiansthey visit there son every sunday. short story about this patient is when he was about 2-3 years of age he was playing with his sister who was abput 5 years of age. they were playing outside she then wrapped a rope around his brothers neck (playing pretend) that he was a doggy and decided to go down the slide which lead to his brother getting choked. she did not inform her parents and when the parents found him it was pretty late. please see diagnosis. Mom and sister have a diary where they write messages to him every sunday.

please feel free to copy what the patient’s information that you need that i have provided to the care plan as well as some of the diagnosis. however i need the top diagosis based on his case.

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