Nurses Under Stress Strategies for Managing A Demanding Profession

First, select a broad topic according to your assignment. In your paper, you will
discuss the issue or topic and relate it to the implications for professional nursing practice. In other words, you cannot just pick a disease and write about it. You must narrow your focus and include the nursing application.

B. Once you select a broad topic, narrow the focus a second time if the topic
remains too broad. Remember, you will be writing a paper of only three (body) pages. Too broad a topic makes organization of reference material very difficult. The following are examples of some broad topics narrowed to more focused ones:
Topic Examples:

III. Begin your literature review on the subject once you select your topic. Remember, references
must be within the last five years. You may retrieve them from the Internet, but they must be peer-reviewed journal articles, and follow Internet citation instructions in your APA book.

IV. It is time to develop an outline once you have gathered your references. Developing
the outline is easy and useful. The outline will help you start writing, keep you
writing, and help you know when you are finished. It will help you stay focused on
the topic, and will guide you to write in a logical manner, so your paragraphs will
transition and your paper will flow in a sequence that is logical to the reader. YOU DO NOT
V. It is now time to begin writing. Each student is expected to develop a formal paper in basic APA format. The student may select any nursing topic, with the focus being nursing implications of the selected topic . The paper will be developed individually, and will include a title page, NO ABSTRACT, with the body of the paper of EXACTLY 3.0 pages with one inch margins. PAPERS OUTSIDE THESE LENGTH PARAMATERS WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC 10 POINT DEDUCTION, and more to be determined . A reference page, following APA guidelines, is expected to reflect 3 or more references, to include at least one text or book, and two peer reviewed journals published within the last five years. Consider these requirements before selecting your topic. All references cited in the body of the paper must be listed on the Reference Page. And all references on the Reference Page must be cited in the body.
Be sure to have an introductory paragraph as well as a closing one. Also, be sure to
transition your paragraphs so the subject matter will flow smoothly and the reader
will not be left hanging or confused.

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