Nonverbal Communication Observation





Nonverbal Communication Observation

Non-verbal communication refers to a technique of conveying messages, thoughts, emotions and feeling through actions and expressions rather than words. In our day-to-day lives, verbal and non-verbal forms of communication work together to deliver messages, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Aspects of non-verbal communication often express our emotions better than words. Non-verbal communication comprises of body language (kinesics), touch (haptic), distance (proxemics), oculesics, their physical attractiveness, vocalics, and chronemics.

While having my coffee at the local Cafe with my friends, I noticed a couple seated next to our table. One could tell from the onset that the two were a couple from their kinesics, haptics, and oculescis. The young man, Caucasian, was about twenty-three years of age, towering at the height of 6ft 1, while his girlfriend, African American, was about 5ft 7. The two, both smartly dressed, seemed to be on a date, as they sat at opposite sides of the table and were constantly smiling at each other. Due to their proximity, I could catch some of their words. The two were talking about a trip they would have next year to Malta. The lady was animatedly counting up the needs she would need from her trip. As she folded her fingers one by one, the guy began to laugh stating that she did not need all that luggage. It was evident from their body language that the two had been dating for a long time. Their body movements were swift and unrestrained showing that the two were open with each other and had, therefore, probably known each other for a while.

The two were so engrossed in their conversation about Malta that they did not see the waiter coming to take their order. The waiter who had been standing over them for more than two, three seconds cleared his throat. An emblem in America and most of the world that calls for attention. From their widening eyes, quick glances at each other, and embarrassed smiles, the two must have been startled by the waiter’s presence. They made quick orders without perusing the menu meaning that they were regulars. After the waiter took the order, the two did not talk until a few minutes later when their food arrived. The young man extended his hand and held the lady lovingly while they looked deep into each other’s eyes and smiled. These two were a sight to see! When their food arrived, they thanked the waiter and did not hurriedly began to eat, but continued to talk! These time, the two were speaking in hushed tones and were quite close to each other. The lady had held her face with her hands and her elbows on the table while she spoke softly to the guy. After they finished their meal, the two walked out together holding hands, while the gentleman carried the lady’s handbag. When they got to the door, he opened the door for her, and the two stepped into the warm sunshine.

Later that afternoon when I went to the library, I saw a group of about five teenagers. From their dressing, I could tell that they all knew each other and enjoyed a hobby together, say Rock and Roll music. From their dressing, I could tell that they were into Rock Roll as they all had dyed their hair black, wore tight jeans and t-shirts. They were all laughing quietly at something one of them had said. The five teenagers, all male, did not seem interested in reading. They kept whispering to each other, that other library users kept staring at them annoyingly. They flipped pages, switched seating positions, shared earphones while watching some videos on their phones. After a little while, the librarian walked in, tapped two of them on the shoulders, and placed her middle finger on her lips, an emblem meaning, ‘observe silence!” After she walked away, the five looked at each other shrugged, and left the library, to the pleasure of everybody.

The other conversation I observed was by two middle-aged gentlemen who were discussing stocks; on the train, on my way home. One of the men was in an ash-gray suit while the other was dressed in an immaculate double-breasted navy-blue suit. I could not see their shoes as their suitcases blocked my view, but I guessed that they must be wearing expensive Italian, leather shoes. The two men sat on adjacent seats but did not seem to share much. From their conversation on stocks, these men obviously worked in the financial industry but were not friends. They must be colleagues in the same firm, different departments, I guessed. The two had little or no eye contact, they had stiff body movement as if they were uncomfortable, and they went on for minutes without talking. After the first man got to his stop, he got up, picked his briefcase, shook hands with his colleague, and left without many pleasantries.