National Universities“ and ”Mountainlair

National Universities“ and ”Mountainlair





“National Universities” and “Mountainlair”

“National Universities” and “Mountainlair” are example of some places found in Morgantown, West Virginia. When carrying out various researches in regards to these two places in Morgantown, different interviews involving about 150 students and 15 head of departments in different public universities were carried out. The “National Universities” and “Mountainlair” are said to be located on the downtown campus of West Virginia in Morgantown. In Morgantown, there are four historic contexts for multiple property nomination which include “Education at West Virginia University, which existed in 1867-1942,” the “Architecture of West Virginia University Buildings, 1870-1942,” “Farm Properties of West Virginia University, 1850-1940,” as well as Jackson’s Mill State 4-H Camp of West Virginia University, 1921-1939.”

These historical contexts majorly reflected the principal themes which were mainly illustrated by the widely speckled holdings of the university. Both “National Universities” and “Mountainlair” places have contributed to a great significant contribution to the history of Morgantown. For instance, West Virginia University (WVU) is recognized to be the state’s only comprehensive land-grant institution and the only institution offering a full array of graduate and undergraduate programs. It is the flagship institution for higher education in the state. West Virginia University was created “in 1867 as the “state’s land-grant institution under the terms of the 1862 Morrill Act, as amended in 1864 to include West Virginia. Throughout the nineteenth century, Morgantown had become a center of education for the western Virginia.

West Virginia University is renowned to be a public institution which was established in 1867 in a small city of Morgantown, in the northern part of the state. The university is said to have enrolled about 22,827 undergraduate students and it is located in the suburban with a campus acre of 2,737.Research has shown that the University ranking in the year 2000 was 170, among the Best National Universities in Morgantown. Its location next to the borders has enabled the students to easily drive to the cities of Pittsburgh as well as providing conveniences for them particularly to the students who wished to take break from the academics for weekends. According to research carried out in the states of Morgantown, it is evident that the most public universities in West Virginia were established on their own historic preservation committee in the year 1980s. The public university consisted of both the faculty as well as the head departments who were to be in charge of various activities that were taking place in the University. Other people within the University include the director of housing and the students enrolled to take various courses.

Research also shows the university offers about 200 students taking their bachelors, masters as well as professional programs within the 14 colleges named to be the best in overall performance. Example of the graduate courses which these public universities offer includes the college of Business and Economics, School of medicine and many others. The establishment of the National universities has allowed the students at the West Virginia University in Morgantown to help one another through the Center for the Civic Engagement, which for many years have given class credit for both the community service and the students while promoting various events which include Random Acts of Kindness Week. Conversely, there are also more than 300 student organizations for students to try, which includes nearly 30 Greek chapters, club as well as, intramural sports.

Mountailair on the other hand is recognized as an a national university in Morgantown which is not only established for studying, however, it also has some great ways in which the students can get more involved on the campus. The university provides a unique entertainment particularly for the campus community which ranges from contests to lectures. The Campus has reservations which coordinates a wide variety of different events on the campus formed by the student union. The building has a space of about 220,00 square feet of building space and is identified to be of great significance to the students as well as the local people given that it provides the University community a meeting place for activities involving recreational, cultural along with educational pursuits. The campus also has been noted to plan more than ten thousand events in each year, which range in size from ten to five hundred participants. The university also provides food to those students who take classes within the place. At the Mountainlair, students can easily grab for food such as snacks, pizza or burgers to tickle their taste buds. Within the ground floor, the University has constructed a bowling center. Along with the Bowling centers, the Games area also provides 11 full sized competition level billiards tables. The program was of a great benefit to the students since students would go to the places whenever they felt like doing exercises. Other programs available within the campus area include bowling leagues, billiards, tournaments, intramurals, and cosmic bowling. Furthermore, located within the Game area are the lounge spaces with table tennis and televisions.

While gathering data of “National Universities” and “Mountainlair” in Morgantown, West Virginia, various interviews were made to help the researcher get valid information regarding the two places. The research also used questionnaires where the respondents filled the information that were required and submitted back to the interviewer. Data collection relied on two sources such as primary and secondary sources. However use of interviews made it easier for the researcher to get reliable sources. The people involved in the interview included the Head department of those two National Universities along with the students who get services from the campuses. About 150 students were collected randomly for the interview and only 145 of the people willingly participated in the interview. Conversely, a meeting with the head of departments of “National Universities” and “Mountainlair” and other national universities in Morgantown were carried out and out of the 15 selected schools, 10 people were also in for the interview. The use of interview and questionnaire as a means of collecting data was important because the researcher was able to get the reaction of the participants’ hence immediate feedback on the topic of discussion. While filling out the questionnaire, participants were requested to indicate the university they enrolled in because the information gathered was to be also used by the head of departments in knowing changes they could make so as to provide the students with good services. In the questionnaire papers at least ten of the questions were to be answered and the researcher was able to analyze the full report using the information gathered from the participants.

The main aim of carrying out the interview was to find out how the national universities in West Virginia were able to perform well as well as, emerging among the best as compared to other public universities in other states. Research collected from the interview carried out between the students showed that most students emerge to perform well because of their hard work and respect they have to their lecturers when carrying out their classes. Other students stated that they are goal driven hence before joining the university they usually have a set goals and objectives to achieve at the end of their courses. The head of the departments of the national schools also reported that, most students who enrolled for their courses are all able to give them ample time hence were not forced in doing activities involving both class work and co-curricular activities. The data collected from the students interviewed also showed that different programs that the university implemented also was of great significance to the students hence enabled them to improve on their educational performances. For instance, in Mountailair, the students had enough time for recreation such as playing billiards, going for bowling leagues, tournaments and other activities. These activities are important because they give the students enough time relaxing their mind whenever there is boredom in places they carry out their studies. Socializing with one another is also important because students get to learn one another well hence sharing of ideas among themselves. Therefore, campuses carrying out school activities should ensure that there are recreational programs in the mix which will give the students opportunities of nurturing their talents within and outside school compounds.