Myocardial infarction with history of stable angina and mitral valve stenosis

Paper Details
– Students are to choose one (1) of the case studies below and answer the associated questions. The assignment is to be presented in a question/answer format NOT as an essay (i.e. no introduction or conclusion).
– Each answer has a word limit (1600 in total); each answer must be supported with citations.
– A reference list must be provided at the end of the assignment.
– Please refer to the marking guide available in the unit outline for further information.

** The following questions must be answered for your chosen case study **
The following questions relates to the patient within the first 24 hours since admission to the emergency department (ED):
1. Outline the causes, incidence and risk factors of the identified condition and how it can impact on the patient and family (400 words)
2. List five (5) common signs and symptoms of the identified condition; for each provide a link to the underlying pathophysiology (350 words)
a. This can be done in the form of a table – each point needs to be appropriately referenced
3. Describe two (2) common classes of drugs used for patients with the identified condition including physiological effect of each class on the body (350 words)
a. This does not mean specific drugs but rather the class that these drugs belong to.
4. Identify and explain, in order of priority the nursing care strategies you, as the registered nurse, should use within the first 24 hours post admission for this patient (500 words).

Case study to be written in third person, in reference to the case study chosen.

references used must be no more than 5 years old, must be proven to be best evidence based practice.

Attached in the “files” folder is the complete case study questions, instructions and marking rubric, please read it all before starting the essay to get the full picture.

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