My Reading and Writing Experience

My Reading and Writing Experience

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My Reading and Writing Experience

Since I was a small kid, I can comfortably state that I have always had great interest and awareness regarding reading and writing. As a kid, I had a smooth experience of learning because of the eminence of teaching and support that I was receiving from my family members particularly my father. I can remember well my father reading and interpreting some bedtime stories to me as a small kid, and I can attribute this to where my reading and writing experience originated from. At some times he could come home with some newspapers and other publications like magazines and ask me to read out the content for the whole family. I struggled, but with time my reading habit and skills were significantly improving.

It was during the early education that I achieved to sharpen my skills of writing and reading and this played a significant role in my life. Therefore, all the support that I received provided a good ground for me in learning first the reading and writing basics of the English language. The support made my learning to seem more manageable, and thus I had enough time to relish reading and writing outside my school work as well as handling the tasks that were set in front of me.

My school library was stocked with many books, and I never imagined setting my foot there possibly because of shyness. One day I decided to visit the library during my free time. Inside the library, I felt in a different world because of how the place was terrific. There was a serene environment, and everybody was busy with their stuff, some reading while others were writing. My attention was caught by the book entitled “Harry Potter” on one of the shelves. The book looked nice as it was well decorated by having an attractive cover page. I decided to read the first pages of the book before the library time was over.

The story was about a young boy named Harry Potter who lived with his wand-wielding friends at the time of witchcraft and wizardry. The book had an epic story such that I could not control myself from further reading. Suddenly I had the voice of the librarian, “Hey you there! The library time is already up, and you are the only one left in the library.” I looked around, and it was true, all the other students had already left. As I walked outside, I felt like I can write a whole book and I started seeing myself differently. From that day I developed the habit of going to the library since I realized that was where I fitted most. I became a great fan of the “Harry Potter” series after reading that first book. I also managed to read other fascinating books such as “The Hobbit,” “The Book Thief” as well as “The Outsiders.” These books opened my mind by increasing my reading habit up to a point where my friends regarded me as a bookworm.

Therefore reading became my hobby and hence the more books I read, the more my skills improved. When I became old enough to be able to read fluently without much struggle, I would read a storybook and then put my mental pictures from what I had learned into writing. I thus found the novice of writing as well as reading to be enjoyable as I grew. However, I was not the fastest reader nor the best writer and currently, I am still not. I prefer reading the words in a sentence at a moderate rate to read and still understand the context by just reading the writing once. Therefore my experience in reading made me believe reading as one of the significant features of education as it provides a substantial platform for all the other knowledge to be absorbed. When individuals learn to adore reading, they will hence find it simpler to enjoy all the learning.

However, I feel that my interest, as well as my desire to write, grew once I reached middle school. There before I used to read a lot with some little writing but in middle school, we were required to write some stories for a test. Our English teacher was so encouraging, and she supported us where necessary. Her proficiency in the language made to see her as my mentor. I used to go to her for assistance, and she would give me some topics and articles to write about where she later corrected me where I was wrong. She demanded a one hundred percent score from me in her subject and most of the time I gave out my best my emerging to be the top student. She encouraged me to keep reading as she saw I had a great passion for it. Presently I enjoy writing a lot since it consents me to express my feelings, establish my beautiful thoughts and to study information. Consequently, writing helps me to get my beliefs as well as opinions out in the open.

Overall, it is vivid that writing and reading come in hand in hand since, without writing, there would exist no reason to read. I consider both as my enjoyable aspect in all my school years as I enjoy both writing and reading at a personal level. Also, I tend to be very obsessive about literacy since I regard both writing and reading as the basis of learning as well as finding oneself. My journey about literacy started while I was young and I have seen the best coming from it. Reading and writing are my talents, and I feel like I can read and write forever.

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