My organization is fairly small and does not have any form of PMO within the structure

My organization is fairly small and does not have any form of PMO within the structure

My organization is fairly small and does not have any form of PMO within the structure. As such, I choose to focus on Intel, one of the global tech leaders of the current decade. Intel has a formal PMO that works to define and maintain project management best standards as well as guidance in a repeatable process and system within the company. Intel’s PMO has an added role of overseeing coordination, implementation, and assessment of projects directly and indirectly in a support role. Intel formally calls its PMO within its IT department the Program Management Office. Over the years, Duggan (2009) notes that Intel has used its PMO to advance its transformation by way of focused investments and smarter prioritization of projects. Intel adheres to its unique Agile PMO referred to as the focused Agile Persistent Team that use a self-direction structure in decision-making and prioritizing objectives (Calhoun, 2020). To make sure that their goals are in line, Intel’s Agile Project Management Office (PMO) and Agile Persistent Team collaborate closely with members of the business on a daily basis. Additionally, Intel has chosen a portfolio investment method for the work that emphasizes decision-making via a cost and benefit oriented perspective and considering the IT portfolio as a whole. This enables the examination of systemic risks, the ability to make decisions involving trade-offs, and a thorough understanding of the strategic value that the portfolio is meant to provide.

Recent projects at Intel including the Project Apollo cloud services and software utilized the Agile PMO to foster data driven process of decision making, transparency, accuracy, and accurate, consistent, and complete information for better products (Intel, 2022). The Agile PMO applied in the project helped to determine the value of the project, align it to industry standards, and ensure that it creates value for the organization. As Intel goes ahead into the future, the Agile Project Management Office (PMO) will enable lean ideas that give a clear line-of-sight from strategy to execution. Intel wants to keep up its cross-capability road-mapping in order to make it easier to prioritize future capabilities and innovation initiatives. This will be carried out as part of Intel’s endeavor to generate commercial value via better project management.


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Response to Veronica Yan

Your presentation is very clear and highlights a key methodological approach to PMO that IBM applies. Your use of external references is also important as it allows one to read deeper and to better understand your position. The project you have selected is also an excellent example of how PMO can be applied in a real-life organization to foster shareholder and stakeholder objectives.