My native language English

My native language English





My native language English

In the past we have had some languages gaining good number of speakers while same, the number of speakers reduce. My native language is English. I have known and spoken English till birth and all my lessons I take in English. There are about 335 million people speaking English globally. This is great number and constitutes more than 7% of the entire world.

It has been funny people from different accents speaking in English. I have watched different international meetings where for example Chinse tries to communicate in English. It is funny, it is laughable, it is comic. The way he pronounces the words, plus the word connections makes it very clear that he is not a native speaker of English. I can say that is fun but people have to tolerate international speakers since they are not the native speakers.

I have been in situations where people speak a language I do not understand. Some scenarios can be categorized as bad. Finding myself between Chinese, then they start speaking in their own language was not a good scene for me. The scene was demoralizing and confusing.

Global relations are very essential for better understanding of other people with cultural diversity. This goes to include being reliable in communicating with people of other cultures. At the organizational level this is very important because it allows individuals from diverse cultures to work together for achievement of a common objective. This necessitates that the individual at the organizational level and the organization as a whole develop a particular model for gathering the skills needed to overcome and deal with all the challenges that come with cultural also through the global relations that people from other nations are able to work in other countries.