My Mom

My Mom

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My Mom

Having been to this college for quite some time now gives me a chance to report and to know about different things that happen. However, some of those events have already caught me and most of the time it gets difficult for every person to develop what they need to do so that their life gets on the right course. Being at school makes us similar in some instances and different in other instances. For example, a person may say another is racist, ugly, and so much more characterization if we do not undoubtedly know a person. However, I have been faced with this problem. Even though it is a very important part of my life to keep my family life private in this paper I discuss and bring out one of the stories of my life which makes me think very much and become very emotional (Barrington, et al).

I rarely care about people’s notions and what they think about me. However, a year ago I noticed that several individuals were discussing me and how I had all over a sudden become dull and stopped talking to people. Many activities had happened in my life and I know that some things cannot be controlled, however, strength lies in hope. I have had the opportunity to live in one of the most peaceful and lovely families. However, this was not until my mum was very sick. For the whole of last year, I spent most of my time saving my mind and everything else that I could so that all my energy was focused on my mum. Therefore it was a difficult moment for me trying to push myself to stand in for people while at the same time trying to be good at home and support my mum who was very sick.

My mum is asthmatic and therefore she has her low periods and better periods. However last year especially with the presence of the coronavirus pandemic it was very difficult for her to get medicine. Therefore I tried my level best to make sure that she was good. Her fear to expose herself to corona made my family the losers as there was a lot of emotional pain and everything that was not okay. My father is a tough man but he is always good to his family and therefore I could do anything for him as long as I live. Even with her asthmatic attack last year she still fought her way and that everything that matters because her presence is very important to my life.

Therefore the sickness of my mum gave me a lot of perspective about life and how precious it is. This, therefore, made me think of how it could be if people stopped judging and live happier lives. Therefore lately the sickness of my mum was the only thing that frightened me the most and therefore I keep moving even though it is difficult at times to understand them a lot of pain which we human beings are always exposed to. This, therefore, means that my life even though having experienced the most emotionally devastating event in my life was good and I enjoyed it as I supported mum during her difficult period.

In conclusion, students, friends and sometimes even the closest person in my life could die any day and therefore it is always a good thing to live a normal life. This is because life is precious and it is always important to take care of those we love as I did with my mother.

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