My First Home Away From My Parents

My First Home Away From My Parents

My First Home Away From My Parents

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My First Home Away From My Parents

Self-independence and living away from my parents was the challenging thing to adopt even though a crucial experience in the growth progression. It comes with an extra cost of sacrifice and becoming responsible for one’s dignity, well-being and having self-control. As one moves on to the tertiary level education and to the stage of getting a job opportunity it is inevitable to become self-dependent as the parents consider one as a grownup. It means that at that point one is capable of differentiating between the things with positive and negative impact on life. The same applied to me as I joined the college live in Tallahassee which is away from the parents’ home. In this essay, the experience gained regarding how to live on my own, how to budget money and how to find different sources of incomes is discussed in to an in-depth extent.

Moving into a house in Tallahassee which was the first home away from the parents’ residence has taught me on the ways to live on my own and had independence. Living in Tallahassee city has been one of the great lessons to learn in consideration of self-dependency. Initially, I could see it as a threat wondering where to begin regarding all the responsibilities such as meals, dressing, entertainment and paying the rent and other dues. The most disturbing thing was the kind of friends to absorb in my life apart from the relatives and neighbors back there in my parents’ home. Eventually, with time I realized that all is possible and having independence is the best thing that everyone could desire to have in life. Preparing my meals and paying bills which were traumatizing there before becoming a curriculum and it became enjoyable living on my own. The parents and other supervisors are not at all the time on my back to tell me what to do or assisting me to make a different decision (Bhattacharya, page 12). It is has played a significant role in the life as it has enabled me to become visionary and realize that it is my life and it all depends on how I want to live. It comes to my realization that the efforts today will determine how I will stay tomorrow and also the future.

Not only did moving in a new home teach me how to be independent and living on my own, but also how to budget my money. Since the beginning of having self-reliance on the kind of life to live and how to manage the finances, I learned the techniques of budgeting the money. Initially, when I was staying with the parents, there was nothing to worry about the ways of spending money as after all they would cater for the meals and my well-being is not the case now. After moving to the new house, I have learned how to manage my resource and most vital how to avoid spending money sparingly. In Tallahassee, it is somehow expensive as the living standards are high as in any other city. Therefore, it urges a good plan on how to manage one’s capital to enhance good living and avoiding inconveniences regarding providence of the necessities. It is right that the parents may at sometimes cater for my expenses but with no proper budgeting that will never be enough. Among the gained experience is putting aside unnecessary expenses and purchasing groceries from local suppliers at the Grower’s Market as it is cheaper than depending on the packed goods. With this, I have experienced no financial constraints, and the budgeting strategies run well throughout the month (Durrani page 21).

Furthermore, living on my own teaches me how to find different streams of earning income. Self-reliance has significantly motivated me to be engaged in various productive activities to earn extra capital for the sustainability in Tallahassee. The incentive is generated by the desire to live a different life with high living standards, the need to stop asking every help from parents and relatives and being able to contribute and have shared in various businesses involved in. For instance, I am involved in online marketing which at the end all I earn good capital within a short time. The entrepreneur skills learned through the class work and from real life experiences also plays a significant role in enabling one stay in an innovative way which always comes with pay (Siennick, page 7). Living on my own also helps me to have diversification in the business sector not only depending on the parents and other sponsors as my source of income. With capital, one is capable of living a good life with no distress and also capable of helping others and the needy in the society by participating in charity work.

As illustrated above, living on my own has been a fateful experience regarding the personality, the way of living and interacting with other people in a productive way to the society. Nowadays, I am capable of living on my own, how to manage my finances and on the techniques of finding various streams of earning income. Live in Tallahassee is tremendous and has enabled to take the right direction and positively to impact the individual and society at large.


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