My Favorite Ad

My Favorite Ad

My Favorite Ad

What is your favorite AD?

The Pepsi ad is one of those ads that did not entice me at first. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a little dynamic. However, after carefully examining it, I came to realize the ad was what it was: one of the best ads of the year. The AD starts with a tease showing two Pakistanis quarreling over a bottle of Pepsi, this was just awesome. The ad had a lot of creativity and attractiveness. Pepsi is one of the companies that process carbonated drinking beverage and foods.What was the objective?

For many years most consumers of Pepsi drinks are teenagers, and those adult who are still young at heart.  Hence, the company wanted to expand its market by producing many products to suite each group of consumers such as water, tea, coffee, energy and sports drinks. They also included several tastes of its products to enable consumers to have wider choices. Does the Ad match the editorial environment?Pepsi come out strongly appealing to different cultures by stressing on values such as energy, enjoyment and relaxation. This makes it more appealing to the youth and those who are still young at heart. By linking its products to the local culture, e.g. in Chinese market it links itself with local pop stars, Pepsi has made steady sales.

Does the AD “personality” match the producer?

Pepsi has for a long time been targeting youthful customers. Hence, several of their ads have been accompanied with sports, fun and mostly music. Pepsi has entered into contract with many musical celebrities over the years to entice young consumers.What overall .gets your attention?

The company uses famous celebrities in promoting its products which has more influence on me as consumer. The company uses bright red white and blue ball-shaped logo which makes it easier for me to remember. In addition, the saving campaign, where their customers earn points on buying their products and sponsoring of events entices me to buy its products.

Do you use the product or the service?

I regularly consume Pepsi’s products especially when am thirst and when I need to satisfy my hedonistic want, i.e. to have a refreshing moment. In addition, Pepsi is a big sponsor of Super-bowl, and as a football fan Pepsi remain the sole choice for me. If not .does the AD persuade you to try?

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