My father teaches me to dream

My father teaches me to dream





My father teaches me to dream is a one on one educative poem. These are words from a father to his child, words of wisdom from an experienced father with fatherly love. The poem presents a deeper expression of love as the father speaks to his child from experience. The larger picture of the poem presents advice from the older generation to the younger generation. The father in this poem represents a leader and a mentor from the older generation speaking to a young person. This is the best gift that a father can give to his children, Advice. The art chosen for the cover is a drawing of a man, a father. The reason why I picked this picture is that it illustrates a man reading a book. The book contains information that gives the man wisdom to advice his child about work. The advice about work inspires a dream in the child thus the title of the poem, my father teaches me to dream. Work is not easy and work should have a routine. There is not any person who has a directory to life.

Teaching may take different forms; however, it is important that all teaching inspire new thoughts in a learner. The teacher in the poem is the father who talks to his child about working. When he talks to his child, he is teaching his child about work. The learner is inspired; the title shows that the learner appreciates the father since the writer is inspired to dream. A dream is an inspiration to achieve something or live in a better situation. Teaching from the father to child is effective since the child dreams. The child who gets advice from the father cannot approach life in the same way as a child who gets no advice. Fathers will buy this book and use it as a teaching tool to educate and advice their children not only about work but also about life.

The poem presents passing of knowledge from the older generation to the younger generation. The older generation wants to raise greater leaders than themselves. The poem presents passing on knowledge to members of the young generation and make them better leaders. This is a situation where the older generation wants to pass the mantle of leadership to their offspring’s. However, before doing this, they want to be sure that the children are ready for this responsibility. The future must be left in safe hands; the father has made his legacy and now wants the child or children to take up their roles in leadership. This book will be a good sale to those fathers who want to raise a generation of better leaders than themselves. The book is also a tool for motivation and inspiring dreams.

Work is not easy and work should have a routine. The father wants his child to know that work is not easy but everybody has to work. There lies a deeper meaning to this; everybody has to find a way of surviving and getting food on his or her table. Nothing comes easy, a person has to wake up in the morning and go to work, which they may not like. The routine may be boring and monotonous however, it is the only option. Most people do not love working, they feel that it is too much yet they want to eat and drink. The father wants his child to grow up and be independent, working is the only way his child can be independent. Waking up early in the morning and taking the bus to work is the daily routine that workers have.

“Work is work”. This is the deepest statement from the poem. The father here wants his child to know that work is work. The child should not despise a manual job. The young generation prefers white-collar jobs; however, they are not available for everyone. Not all people can work in an office; people are talented and skilled in different ways. The young generation here is being taught to appreciate whatever they do for a living. Through appreciating the job, a person can develop and advance their career. All that a person needs is to have goals in their job and they will succeed.

The concept of work in the poem is revealed in a deeper way to the young generation. Work is a daily activity, and work is necessary. Everybody should wake up in the morning with a list of activities that they want to accomplish and they have to do them. The father teaches the child to dream and work hard. The book is a compilation of poems that guide the young generation to open their mind and understand work. It serves the purpose to understand their role in building the economy and being the leaders of tomorrow. Readers have the chance to get in touch with the reality by reading the pieces of literature in the book.