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My experience


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My experience

I reached out the academic advisor through zoom. Upon scheduling the advising appointment through navigating, I got a confirmation email with a link to meet the advisor virtually. I went to the zoom appointment prepared with topics and questions I wanted to discuss in a way that I was ready to jot down several notes about our conversation. The appointment went so good. It was necessary for me to share information with him about myself and my academic progress. I enjoyed the zoom advising appointment. I think it was well planned and laid out, easy for me to follow. I learned about the topics whereby I didn’t feel tired or exhausted. I got more knowledge about weather, ocean, and marine lives, and hopefully, I can use them in real life. I never projected to learn so much from the zoom appointment; I now see the ocean life in an entirely new way much.

The appointment helped me monitor my academic progress, offered me a better connection with the faculty, and also gave me the ability to navigate the university policies and procedures better. I am not planning to transfer to any school. The courses that I will take for the spring semester include the art of communication, knowledge-based system, the biochemistry of biomolecules, molecular biology, world approaches to films, and law & ethics in the animation. The zoom appointment was essential in a way that it assisted me in growing and developing by constructing meaningful educational plans which were compatible with my life goals.

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