My Experience As A Social Worker

My Experience As A Social Worker

My Experience As A Social Worker

Being a social worker is important because it allows an individual to have the ability of helping people function best within the environment they live, however, there may be some barriers which may hinder that person working as a social worker. These barriers may include the physical and mental illness, poverty as well as, drugs and alcohol addiction. It is evident that, working as a volunteer has helped many students in determining whether social work is a career or an interest to them.

As a social worker, I have plan in engaging voluntary jobs such as working in treatment and recover centers for alcohol and drug abuse given that this will help me have fully interest in work with people especially the parents and their children who tend to have substance abuse problems.

As a social worker, I will also ensure that I use NASW Code of Ethics because its main purpose and responsibilities is to serve as a guide to the everyday professional conduct of social workers. The NASW Code of Ethics is significant in guiding individual for their daily practice behaviors, since it provides a comprehensive and strategic outline of the social worker’s profession standards and conduct. Social workers on the other hand should ensure that they exhibit values, principles, along with set of standards that are recognized as the basis of ethical practice. The NASW Code also articulates standards that the social work profession can as well use in accessing whether social workers have engaged in unethical conduct.

Consequently, social workers should acquire good communication skills since it may be essential to good social work practice. Therefore, it is necessary for a social worker like me to access my ability to communicate with others both in writing and speaking verbally. And as a result, since English is not my first Language, this will make me to work hard so as to improve my ability of explaining as well as, presenting my ideas in clear English which could be understood by others. Assessing my ability will include having the ability to tailor my delivery to the audience by using appropriate styles and approaches as well as, understanding the significance of non-verbal cues in oral communication.

Becoming a good social work requires one to have the ability to accept feedback. One instance where I accepted feedback was when I was in my first year of collage when I was given an assignment to do by my teacher, In the assignment I thought I did my best in handling the paper however the teacher asked me to rewrite the paper again. This made me so upset to the extent of talking to my mother that I actually wanted to drop out of that class. Just to realize from my mother that the teacher was doing so to make me improve but not to criticize my work. This then was a lesson that taught me that I should be responsible of accepting a positive and a negative feedback and if I fail to do so, then I will never succeed in life. And for sure these helped me never to be upset even when I received bad grade in my exams.

Being a social worker also requires one to willingly work with persons of diversity such as persons with disabilities, gay or lesbians and many others. Given that I come from a country full of diversity, I have the ability to assess my capacity for working with the diverse populations. I also learned that different groups of people have got different customs and rituals that they perform on a daily basis. Therefore, as individuals, we both need to learn on how we should respect that as well as, allowing one another to be ourselves while accepting the diversity.

Particularly, I consider myself as a good student. I tend to be very responsible and hard working even in class since I could submit my work in time and being on time in my classes. And today I can never miss classes unless I have emergencies. I also tend to read my textbooks prior to attending classes as well as, treating my peers, students, instructors with dignity and respect at all times.

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