My community has a variety of people from different backgrounds

My community has a variety of people from different backgrounds





Question One

My community has a variety of people from different backgrounds. This is normally the cause of conflict due to different ideologies. America has a history of racism and stereotyping of cultures. This has led to the divide of its nationals in all aspects of life. As a student, I have been taught to fight for what I think is write and respect people with different views. This quality has been helpful for my relationship with the surrounding environment due to the removal of social barriers. Due to my ability to cope with different situations, I have been able to turn negative situations into positive situations. This in turn has improved my chances and opportunities in regard to my future success. It is difficult to maintain this dynamic due to the variety of uncontrollable circumstances. When the odds are against me I learn from the situation and try again so that I can achieve my goals.

Question Two

If I had the opportunity to found my own college, I would ensure that students receive the best form of education. This is not easy to achieve due to the high standards required to make this possible. In order for the college to be a success, the subjects need to be reflective of the goals and objectives set by the school. All topics are essential for the growth and development of students. The topic that I would ensure is part and parcel of the school curriculum is Social Ethics. Social ethics involves leaning about different cultures and societies so as to improve relations in the community. Having ethics is an essential quality to posses as a member of the community. The present society is prone to a number of injustices due to the lack of regard for the value life. Most people have at one point or another fallen victim to the cruelty of people in influential positions. This as a result has forced a majority of the society to succumb to the corrupt nature of their neighbours. For the country to move forward, individuals need to be educated on the significance of social ethics. This can only be effective if students are trained at an early age.

Question Three

A community consists of the gathering or coexisting of people who share the same goals and objectives in life. This however is not the case in a more complex population due to the different races, creeds and social classes. Communities have both similarities and differences due to the difference of opinions. Communities continue to change due to the change in the cultural ideologies. This in turn affects the perception of equity amongst members of the community. Equity involves providing justice and fairness for all citizens in society. This is unfortunately not the case in that a majority of the population is treated unfairly on a daily basis. The lack of equity in the community is felt through the improper distribution of resources by those in power. A community that achieves this element would improve the social, political, environmental and economic condition of its citizens. Equity for all is ideal so as reduce the amount of corruption, insecurity and unemployment in the country. This as a result will motivate all citizens to strive so as to achieve a better life for the future.

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