Muslims Vs. Christians

Muslims Vs. Christians





The personality of Jesus has been the subject of controversy between Muslims and Christians. Both groups believe that Jesus was born in a divine manner. In Q 19.20-1, the Quran says that Jesus was born in a miraculous manner and that he had no human father. However, on the issue of crucifixion, Muslims believe that the Jews did not kill the real Jesus and that they killed someone else. Muslims believe the real Jesus was taken to heaven alive by God. Christians, on the other hand, believe that Jesus was resurrected by God. Both groups claim that God maintained his honor by not allowing the Jews to get rid of Jesus. Everyone is aware of the personality of Jesus worldwide. He is extensively mentioned in the Quran. He is one of the few people in the Quran who are claimed to be both a messenger and as a prophet q 2.136; 3.84; 33.7. His works are mentioned in the Quran together with his divine teachings. Even his disciples and the miracles he performed are mentioned Q 3.49; 5.110. One Muslim scholar claimed that Jesus plays a huge part regarding human prophets. The Muslim scholar claimed that Jesus represents god’s divine creation and how God tries to integrate his teachings to the human life. He claims that Jesus is the mediator between god and man and that he acts as the template that Christians ought to be in living their own lives.

Muslims disagree strongly with Christians on two issues. They claim that the belief that Jesus was the son of god is false, and that Christians make false claims regarding that. They claim that Jesus was a messenger of God who was delivered by the holy spirit to Mary to be born as a human being. Muslims applaud Christians for their good deeds and that they are God’s people since they abide by the teachings of God. They claim that even the Christians were sent Gods word through the bible. Christians defend themselves on this issue by saying that god manifested himself in human form.

The end of Jesus’s mission

Muslims believe that God from the Jews saved Jesus and that he was never crucified. Christians claim that Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected by God. It is clear that Muslims believe that Jesus will return at the end of time. His mission at this time will be to establish the pure religion of Islam. Islam has a few of substitution theories that they use to claim that Jesus was not crucified and that he was rescued by God. They think that there is the simple divine substitution where someone else who looked identical to Jesus was crucified. Then there is the voluntary substitution where one of the disciples volunteered to be crucified in place of Jesus. There is punishment substitution where the most deserving man to die was placed in the cross in the place of Jesus. The substitution without divine intervention suggests that someone else was crucified, but God had nothing to do with it.

What is important is that both Muslims and Christians try to maintain God’s honor. Muslims say that God did not allow Jews to crucify Jesus, and he was taken away to heaven in order to embarrass the Jews. Additionally, God together with Jesus plotted against the Jews so that they did not crucify him. Muslims claim that God made Jesus with all those powers for reasons that human beings can never know. He made Jesus to be one with him, and there is no way that God can abandon one of his own. By Muslims accepting that Jesus died on the cross, it would imply that God abandoned one of his own ads this is simply not acceptable to them. Christians maintain that God knew what he was doing and that he had planned for the crucifixion of Jesus throughout the whole New Testament. He wanted the Jews to see that he had greater powers than them and that whatever they did could not stop any of his works. In conclusion, Christians and Muslims only agree at the point where God intervened. They, however, on the point exactly when he intervened. Christians and Muslims will probably never agree on the issue, but at least they agree that God was divine.

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