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Musical Theatre Film: Character

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The supporting cast, antagonists, and protagonists are significant to the drama. These characters are the theatrical elements that various audiences can attach to. When the actresses or actors are on stage, it is compulsory to be credible to the character they are picturing. The audiences can become less attracted to the film or play if the actors are unbelievable in Chicago film which is an American musical black comedy of 2002 involving crime, Renée Zellweger who plays as Roxie Hart is a significant character who is motivated to become a vaudevillian currently being a homemaker and is apprehended for murder.

Roxie is narcissistic. She has an excessive interest in herself. She is not concerned about the individuals who love her. Becoming recognized is the only single thing that is important to her, even if it means being a murderer in cold blood (Admin, 2022). Roxie is jailed after shooting her mistress’ male version, Fred Casely. She shoots Fred for realizing that he cannot make her famous as he had claimed before, and she claims Fred is a jerk. We are not sure that Roxie has a heart because she has an unquenchable drive for fame. She also has good wit to recognize how to manipulate individuals to reach the popularity she believes she deserves. Thus, Roxie is entirely absorbed in becoming a celebrity. She says that she is a star, the audiences love her, and she loves them. She adds that the audiences love her for loving them, and she loves them for showing love to her; hence, they love each other. In addition, Roxie explains that the love is because nobody had adequate love in their childhood.

Roxie is a liar. She has absolutely no remorse concerning cheating and lying on her way to becoming a celebrity. Roxie knows how to manipulate individuals best and is no dummy. She plays the particular classic dumb blonde and hides behind her decolorized locks. Roxie tells the press that she is a real dummy, although she is lying (Admin, 2022). She does this to appear innocent and dump where Billy makes arrangements. Also, Roxie has an eerie potential to lie to her husband, Amos, and the public. For instance, she is involved in faking being preggo. Roxie spins the entire story concerning the non-existent baby failing to tell Amos and claims to want it. Thus, she develops non-existent joy as her real crime motive.

Moreover, Roxie is opportunistic. When she gets in jail, she views it as an opportunity land. Roxie desires to earn notoriety (Admin, 2022). Also, having your name in various papers in Chicago is an indispensable social currency form. Thus, Roxie works the entire system and everyone around to get her desires. These include the likes of Velma, the rival performer, and Amos, her unsuspecting husband. In addition, Roxie is sensational. She effectively auctions each of her belongings to repay her legal fees. Also, the public loves Roxie; for example, the prison warden Mama Morton.


Roxie is an essential character and portrays several character traits, such as vain for having excessive self-interest. She is also a liar for cheating and lying to all without remorse. In addition, Roxie is opportunistic and sensational. Therefore, Roxie is focused on fame; she views herself as more prominent than the life she has in her head.


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