Management information system (MIS)

Management information system (MIS)

Management information system

Management information system (MIS) is a term for computer systems in enterprises that give their business operations’ information. It also refers to people managing the systems. Usually, in big corporations the “MIS ” refers to a computer management and expertise system which is centrally-coordinated, it often includes a mainframe system.

Originally, business computers were for computing payrolls and keeping a record of accounts that are receivable and payable. As applications that provided the managers with data on inventories, sales, and other information that would assist in managing an enterprise were developed, the term “MIS” rose describing the applications. Now, the term is broadly used in several contexts and it includes resource, decision support systems and the people management applications, retrieval applications on database, and project management.

Marketing is a way in which corporations relate with consumers creating relationships that benefit both parties. Companies use marketing to recognize their audience before they advertise to them. This is visible nowadays, mostly through the social media contests and interactions. The computer can be very useful in this part as it can record the information required, which might be in that case, sound. The company can also use the computer to broadcast /advertise itself. The computer can be used by clients whenever they need to know something about that company as it will give voice response to questions.

A Management consultant helps an organization to create value, solve issues, capitalize on growth and advance its clients’ business performance. The consultants use their skills of business in providing expertise, objective advice and special skills that the organization might lack. Management consultants are mainly concerned with the structure, management, strategy and an organization’s operations. They identify options for an organization and propose change recommendations, as well as help with resources that would be needed in implementing solutions.

Consultants are found in various services for instance business strategies, marketing, management and financial controls, information technology, human resources, supply-chain management, e-business and operations. There are a number of Consultancy firms; the small firms that offer industry knowledge and those offering specialist expertise skills then there are large firms that offer continuous solutions.

The typical everyday jobs for new consultants, involves:

collecting data and carrying out research to understand an organization;

performing analysis;

Interviewing the management team, employees and other stakeholders of their client.

Facilitating workshops and running focus groups.

Preparing the business presentations /proposals.

The responsibility of senior and more experienced consultants involves:

Identifying an issue and forming suggestions and solutions;

Presenting the findings and the recommendations to the clients;

Implementing the solutions/recommendations and ensuring clients receive the necessary support to carry out all;

Managing the projects and the programs;

managing and leading those in the team, including the analysts;

Liaising with clients to inform them of the development and to make appropriate decisions.

The consultants can find these computers useful in that they can record videos which they can present to their clients. The clients can find the computers useful as both parties can access the data from anywhere. This is because the computers are portable. 

Those working in a team of corporate sales would find their job to be different to someone working in a team of consumer sales. Someone in a team of consumer sales frequently has to sell products in a store by face to face or by phone, and after that, it’s very simple: either the customer accepts an offer or declines sale. In corporate sales though. Corporate sales personnel generally work hard to maintain relationship with a client which is not done on large scale with the consumer sales.


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