Major and Significant Thematic Elements from the Reading

Major and Significant Thematic Elements from the Reading

Major and Significant Thematic Elements from the Reading

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Major and Significant Thematic Elements from the Reading

The Inclusive or Exclusive Nature of Multiculturalism

 Multiculturalism is a social perspective that is dedicated to the practice of openly appreciating and acknowledging a diverse range of cultural identities and cultures. Politics of identity is one method through which individuals in society seek to gain public acknowledgment of their respective cultural backgrounds and identities (Sue et al., 2022). I have learned that the goal of multiculturalism is to integrate the contributions and points of view made by members of society from diverse backgrounds while at the same time conserving an appreciation for the uniqueness of these persons and evading the pressure to adapt them into the dominant culture.

Multicultural Counseling Competence

Through the readings, I understood the concept of multicultural counseling competence. Multicultural competency has emerged as a central concern in professional mental health counseling to combat inequalities in access to mental healthcare. Multicultural competence in counseling is essential because it helps to learn how a person’s cultural background and sense of identity affect their mental health and how they may respond to therapy. Can multicultural counseling competence be improved?

The thematic Element Making the Most Impression

The thematic element making the most impression on me is the aspect of family therapy. I have realized that it is vital in family therapy to determine the communication pattern and family structure. Family therapy impressed me because it helps repair damaged bonds between children, partners, or other family members. Several issues, such as financial or marital conflicts, or conflict between children and parents, can be addressed through family therapy.


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