Major and Significant Thematic Elements from the Reading (2)

Major and Significant Thematic Elements from the Reading (2)

Major and Significant Thematic Elements from the Reading

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Major and Significant Thematic Elements from the Reading

The Sociopolitical Nature of Counseling

The sociopolitical nature of counseling indicates therapy that includes the inequalities between different groups of individuals based on their political ideas and socioeconomic status. I have learned that counseling is a sociopolitical act. When counseling refugees, a counselor should consider the refugees’ political opinions, nationality, religion, or membership in a specific social group (Sue et al., 2022). Therefore, counselors should consider the cultural norms and values by which their patients are judged. When counseling refugees and immigrants, it is vital to contemplate their cultural perspectives regarding physical and mental disorders to define how their views might differ from the dominant culture.

Counseling individuals with disabilities

Mental health counselors and professionals should take the lead in aiding people with disabilities in securing gainful work and completing their educational goals. Also, it is vital for therapists in the mental health field to examine their own biases towards people with disabilities to serve their clients better. For example, to shift the focus away from the idea of a “disabled woman,” one may use “a woman with a disability.” Doing so shifts the focus from the confinement to the person (Sue et al., 2022). I have learned that most people with disabilities are just as capable as those without impairments regarding knowledge and ability.

The thematic Element Making the Most Impression

Counseling sexual minorities was the thematic element making the most impression on me. From the reading, I have learned that even though homosexuality is not classified as a mental condition, there is a need for more excellent training and awareness of mental health practitioners (Sue et al.,2022). Also, mental health experts must work on both a systemic and individual level for GLBT adolescent issues to be solved.


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