Main body of the test

Main body of the test

Calibri 12pt

Space text at 1.5

Justify text (It runs every from left to right)

Page number top right

Use English/New Zealand English spelling, not US.

Plain text throughout. The only difference is using italics for the names of journals, books etc

Don’t use coloured text.

Use crossheads sparingly.

Do not number sections or paragraphs.

Do not name your assignment file “Assignment 1.”

Call it “[your name] CCM Ass1”

Make sure all sections are clearly linked with a paragraph explaining the connection.

Make sure the different sections flow together.


Make sure you provide evidence when it is required by the structure. You can’t just say something has happened, you need to show evidence that it has.

References and proofreading

Make sure everything is referenced and in APA 7 style.

Proofread thoroughly before submission for spelling and grammar.

Critical evaluation

Don’t just say something happened or that a manager did this or that,

Tell me why.

Make a judgement: What were the good and bad points of the incident or decision?

By making these judgements you create the material you can use at the end of your assignment.


You can use your critical evaluations to analyse your own work so you can say what lessons have been learned and make recommendations.