Madeleine Leininger In Nursing Theory

Madeleine Leininger In Nursing Theory

Madeleine Leininger In Nursing Theory

Nursing is a professional discipline and involves various theories that were conceptualized by theorists. Nursing theory comprises of a set of concepts relationships, definitions and assumptions or propositions that are got from nursing models or other disciplines .the theory projects a systematic and purposive view of phenomena through designing particular interrelationships among these concepts purposely for describing, explaining or prescribing. Madeleine Leininger contributed to the nursing theories by coming up with the Transcultural nursing, culture-care theory.

Madeleine Leininger states that the essence of nursing is care which is also its dominant, unifying and distinctive feature. She states that there can never be cure without some for of care being shown but there can be care without curing. She put emphasis on the fact that human caring is universal but it varies among different cultures by how it is expressed, processes involved and the patterns (Current nursing ,2013).

The core purpose of this theory is discovering and explaining factors involved in diverse and universal care that is culturally based that influence wellbeing-, health, illness or death among groups or individuals.

The goal of the theory is provision of care that is culturally congruent which would contribute to the health and well-being of individuals or assist them face death or disabilities through three nodes of nursing care.

Transcultural nursing involves the studying of cultures in order to understand the differences and similarities that exist among groups of the transcultural nursing the nurses practice is based on the cultural considerations of the should start with culturalogical assessment that looks at the cultural background of a patient when assessing their health. Once this assessment is complete the information should be sued to come up with a nursing care plan that additionally takes into consideration the cultural background of the patient (Current nursing, 2013).

The cultural knowledge of a patient is beneficial to the nurse in various ways. First it assists the nurse to be aware of the ways through which the culture of the patient provides resources in situations of illness, suffering and helps the nurses become understanding and respectful when it comes to diversity that exists within the workload of a nurse and assist in strengthening the commitment a nurse has towards nursing on the basis of the nurse –patient relationships and put an emphasis on the entire person instead of viewing them as a set of illnesses or symptoms.

In the transcultural theory nurses are supposed to understand the role culture plays when it comes to the health of the patient. Cultural background not only influences a patient’s health but it also gives the patient remedies that that impact their health.

Madeleine Leininger came up with there nursing decisions and actions that lead to a culturally friendly care to a patient. These are cultural maintenance or preservation, cultural care negotiation or accommodation and cultural care restructuring or repatterning (Current nursing, 2013).

When nurses are assessing a patient they should also conduct their self assessment that looks at how the nurse is affected by their background particularly when it comes to attending to patients that have a culturally diverse background. The nurses should be bale to diagnose problems that might come up involving the healthcare environment and the cultural background of the patients.

Additionally the nurse’s plan should include some aspects of the cultural background of a patient when necessary. The nurse should also have a self-evaluation to determine their attitudes towards giving care to patients from different cultural backgrounds (Nursing Theory, 2013).

In the healthcare field today nurses are required to be extremely sensitive when it comes to their patient’s cultural background when formulating a nursing plan. This is important since people’s culture is an integral part of who they are from an individual perspective it sis culture therefore that has a great impact to their as result of Madeleine Leininger Transcultural nursing theory nurses can take a look at the impact that the cultural background of a patient has on their health and use this knowledge to come up with a nursing plan that will enable quick recovery of a [patient at the same time paying attention to their cultural background.


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