Lumbar Spine Movement Analysis

Lumbar Spine Movement Analysis

Longissimus Thoracis Agonist concentric Insertion-Longissimus thoracis inserts at the posterior tubercle of the traverse processes of vertebrae C2-C6 Origin-originates from the first five vertebrae (T1-T5) Plane motion- lateral flexion and rib rotation

Rectus Abdominis Antagonist concentric Insertion-Rectus abdominis inserts at costal cartilages of ribs 5-7 Origin- rectus abdominis originates from pubic crest and pubic symphysis Plane motion- lateral flexion

Semispinalis Capitis Antagonist concentric Insertion- semispinalis capitis inserts at the back base of the skull Origin- this muscle originates from articular processes of vertebra C4-C7 Plane Motion- rotation of the head and lateral flexion

Iliocostalis Thoracis Agonist concentric Insertion- traverse processes of vertebra C4-C6 Origin- These muscles originate from the angles of ribs 3-6 Plane motion- lateral flexion

Splenius Cervicis Agonist eccentric Insertion- splenius Cervicis inserts at transverse processes of C1-C3 Origin- This muscle originates from spinous processes of T3-T6 Plane motion- extend the neck and lateral flexion