Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream


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The nature of the dream

In the dream, I experienced exam life in my high school years. Although I used to perform well in mathematics, the subject was not a go-easy subject on me. In particular, exam periods were characterized with fear and fatigue in attempt to determine how I could navigate through the subject. Therefore the dream, I figured myself in the middle of an exam room, and the procedures of the exam were going on as usual. However, the dream was challenging since if I failed that particular exam, I was to rewind to grade five education level. I strongly believe this was a lucid dream since in the middle of the dream I found elements that never appeared real. For instance, it is impossible to return to grade five; this among other factors solidified the fact that the dream was a lucid dream.

What I choose to do

After dreaming, I took a futuristic investigation on the imperativeness of the dream in my life. Dreams communicate to the dreamer about the future concepts (Voss, 2011, pp. 34). In the coming days, am looking forward to enter a competitive face of my academic life. Therefore, in the regard the dream acted as an adviser on what I needed to do, and how I needed to do it. In particular, I choose to word hard in class since I believe through hard-work, I will stand in a better position to achieve my academic goals, and prove the dream right.

Dream (Adaptive or not)

Dreams are impetus to reality, on the other hand, dream imagery act as symbolism, and that’s the only way that a dream communicates to us in various level. In this case, I would think there is an adaptive purpose to it since the nature of how different messages are communicates to us the purpose and the thesis of the dream. For instance, I figured myself in classroom environment and currently am still a students therefore, my dream adapts to the current state of my life.


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