Love and Break ups

Love and Break-ups

The topic Love and Break up relate to two movies, one which is a romantic comedy film titled’ When Harry Met Sally’ and the other titled ‘Divorce His, Divorce Hers’ about a couple who went through divorce after 18 years of marriage. The topic is relevant as it relate to life involving love and relationship and break-ups, for instance Harry and Sally have several break-ups before they later get married. Similarly, in the second movie, the couple have their divorce after being married for 18 years, which is a permanent break up. In the two movies, there is a lot of love at first, but problems involving fidelity cause disagreements. In the first movie, the character reunites a number of times, and later they get married and live a happy life.

In the first movie, ‘When Harry Met Sally’ the key actors Harry and Sally meet and become friends and have several chance encounters in the New York City for more than 11 years. Each time they meet, they express love for each other and renew their friendship. Their marriages with other partners end in break-up which contributes to their uniting and moving on with their friendship. The movie gives a story of the lives of two young people in love, Harry, and Sally, who first meets at college. The two grow together and are involved in friendship liking each other and sometimes disliking one another. Harry tells Sally “I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you’re looking at me like I’m nuts.” Harry and Sally have a romantic relationship, which takes more than 11 years before they realize that they needed to live together. The movie has a lot of dialogues and the music is captivating and brings out the scenes with great magnificent. The intention of the two is having a relationship without having sex till they marry as they feel that it will ruin their relationship. Unfortunately they engage in sex, which ruins their friendship leading to a break up although they later reunite. In the Divorce his, Divorce hers, the couple Martin and Jane, dissolve their marriage after living together for 18 years. The film gives the story of separation from a two points of view, one from the husband and the other from the wife. According to the wife, Jane, the crumbled marriage has a terrible and scary effect on their children. The separation of the couple after 18 years is a terrible blow to the couple who find it difficult to move on and has a negative impact on the children.

In the movie Harry meets Sally; there are scenes that are fascinating to the viewers especially the orgasm scene played in the restaurant, which is quite funny. The movie gives a real life situation and reminds people of their everyday lives in a funny way. The dinner scene is quite interesting as Harry dominates most of the conversation as she explains how men do not realize when a woman is faking orgasm. The story gives the differences between women and men and their effect on relationships. The differences also affect commitment and sex as portrayed by the break up when the two had sex by chance. The movie shows the challenges young people undergo in relationships especially if they do not want to have sex before marriage and the relationship takes several years. The discussion between the two friends, as they travel together from Chicago to New York is on the effect of sex on relationships, “Will sex ruin a perfect relationship between a man and a woman”?. The two had no answer to their disturbing question even after 11 years of love and friendship, and could not realize that they were meant for each other. There are no dull scenes in the movie as the writer Rob Reiner makes the story lively by having lively actors full of humor and intelligence. The story gives the live stages that men and women go through to develop their relationship to maturity and later a happy marriage. The comedy is full of Romance as shown by the different relationships in the story although there are many break-ups. The love between Bruno and Carrie that led to marriage makes the story lively, as it does not take too long as compared to that of Harry and Sally. Another interesting scene is the instance when Harry and Sally try to help each other to mend their past relationships. Harry goes ahead and introduces Sally to Jess while Sally introduces him to Marie though the relationships do not work. Instead, Marie and Jess starts a relationship and marries leaving Harry and Sally lonely. The two decide to try to renew their relationship and see whether it will work.

In another scene, Sally gets sad when she learns that her ex-boyfriend is marrying and gets overwhelmed. Harry comforts her although he does not really care about the marriage but ho to have Sally as his friend. The embrace, kiss, and sleep together, a factor that leads to disagreements between the two, as Harry wants independence while Sally is interested in intimacy. Sally tells Harry “You look like a normal person but actually you are the angel of death” to show her disgust for Harry’s character.

In the movie, Divorce his, Divorce Hers Jane and Martin divorce after living in marriage for 18 years bringing a lot of pain to the family. The movie set-up is in Rome as Martin comes back from Africa, where he represents a managerial firm. He keeps on remembering his troubled marriage to Jane and the effect of his absence due to the nature of his job. In the second part, his wife Jane dominates the scenes with family life experiences and the effect of their troubled marriage to their three children. In the movie, Martin is a businessperson married to Jane who does anything to get his attention. Her statements such as “if I slit my throat, would you pay attention to me?” portrays her appetite for attention from her husband. Jane is a beautiful woman but has a negative and nasty character especially when acting scenes involving anger. Jane asks Martin for a divorce and tells him to keep off her children a character that portrays her as a bad person. She is manipulative especially when she drags him from the airport. She also likes talking and likes expensive jewelry as portrayed by the pearl and diamond necklace that she wore. The scene that Martin tells his son that he did not want to spend time with him stood out in the movie. He argued that he had all the time to do whatever he wished without anybody’s disruption. Martin cheats on his wife and tells her that he could not stand her presence in bed a he would feel like a fool, “like a fool, a complete fool”. The way he puts emphasis on the statement shows how disgusted he was with his wife and was ready for divorce. The scene was humorous from the way he sipped his drink holding the glass with both hands and drunk like a thirsty hound. The scene involving Martin and the African head of state, Kaduna is quite interesting as he tries to impress him to make him improve their impending deal. Jane acts well in the scenes involving her and the children and in the case when she learns that, Carrie Nye is in a relationship with her husband. Her reaction when she learns of her husband’s infidelity and her demand for a divorce brings out her unique tough character.

Martin’s marriage faced many tests especially after his transfer to Africa resulting in infidelity, ill feelings, and many clashes. Jane has three children, who are quite annoying and in several occasions struggles with her son who has the habit of playing loud music. The couple spends a lot of time trying to think of what went wrong with their marriage and scenes show Martin always on transit carrying his briefcase. He is always traveling, a factor that possibly contributes to their break-up.

In conclusion the two movies represents life involving love, marriage, and separation. In the first movie, Harry meets Sally; the characters meet, love each other, but encounter several challenges leading to break-ups. Harry and ally feel that sex can ruin a relationship and want to avoid it until they get married. However, this does not happen as they sleep together, an act that makes them separate for a while. They later discover that they love each other and get married to begin a happy life together. In the movie, Divorce His, Divorce Hers, the key characters, Martin, and Jane have a strained marriage because of Martin’s nature of work and Jane’s nagging character. She is a woman who likes attention and disturbs her husband with her continuous questions. Their marriage lasts 18 years when Jane asks her husband for a divorce but tells him never to see her children. Martin was having an affair with Nye, which made her wife furious leading to a hot argument and later divorce. Love, marriage, and separation are the main themes in the two stories as characters try to find happiness.