Losing faith in politicians

Losing faith in politicians

Losing faith in politicians





All countries around the world share and possess a political body made up of the president, ministers, governors and other government subordinates. Politicians guide and provide leadership to the citizens of a country and provide them with what a citizen requires from its country. With many contemporary issues revolving around countries across the world, each country demands for quality leadership. A country needs a member of the government who can listen and act towards the well being of the citizens. Campaigns before elections give politicians the chance to express their goals and objectives if given a chance to lead the country. However many politician today fail to meet their objectives leading to the question, have you lost faith in politicians?

Citizens suffer under the watch of leaders that they chose and entrusted their well being with. During campaigns government leaders promise to do things which they mostly end up not doing. It has been a trend in several countries leading to the loss of faith in politicians. Politicians exploit the most crucial needs that a citizen has and uses it as a way to gain political power and fame but once given the position, they fail to perform what was promised to the citizens.

Through radio chats and interviews citizens from different countries including America, Canada, and Japan; citizens have lost their faith in politicians because most are corrupt and are only greedy for power. Citizens believe that there is always a hidden lie behind every politician’s words and most are letting down their countries only for selfish interests. Citizens also believe that politicians dwell on issues that are of much less concern compared to others that need immediate intervention. In the United States people feel that despite healthcare being an important issue other factors such as education also requires attention (Shelley, 2013). The cost of tuition in the country has increased forcing students to attend local institutions for higher education since they cannot afford other institutions.

Corruption and dishonesty are some of the other factors that have lead to loss of trust and faith in politicians by citizens (Schmidt 2012-2011). When a leader in the government is caught on the wrong side of the law, it creates a negative image to the society leading to citizens’ loss of faith. It is hypocritical when law makers break rules they have created. In several cases politicians lie, bribe and commit crimes which as a leader should not be the case. Politicians should set an example to their citizens so that they can follow and emulate their behaviour. When one is charged with corruption, fraud, sexual abuse and other crimes t sets a bad example to the country and citizens tend to lose faith in their government. Demonstrations and protests arise due to citizens’ loss of faith in their leaders. Demonstrations are often fuelled by high cost of living created by the government, cases of corruption and mismanagement of funds (Friedenberg, 1994).

Truly people have lost faith in politicians and they are not pleased with the lies and empty promises made. People of a country need politicians who will take care of their needs listen to them and promote country development. Democracy is a tool used to create fairness and to give citizens a right to vote for the right person hence people should be keen when choosing their leaders.


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