Long term Care and Palliative Care

Long term Care and Palliative Care

Long term Care and Palliative Care

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Defending the reference

“Hospice care: comforting the terminally ill” by Mayo Clinic Staff is the source I selected to discuss this topic. The source contributes a lot to the understanding of long-term care and palliative care for the sick. According to Mayo Clinic staff (2013), hospice care forms the best option for a family whose loved one is suffering a terminal illness. In addition, the source provides an in-depth explanation of qualities of a good hospice care. A hospice care is a service given to people who are critically ill and is provided by a team of qualified health care professionals. Health care professionals focus on reducing pain on a patient and giving him or her physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs.

On the other hand, the above reference fits in the category of academic peer-reviewed because it gives a better explanation of what hospice care be and where these services are provided. Moreover, it long gives the relationship between long-term care and palliative care. Some of the qualities of a good hospice care given by the author include maintenance of ethical behavior and consumer rights, high clinical excellence and safety, stewardship and accountability, and compliance with laws and regulations (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2013).

A substantive reply post

Long-term care and palliative care has a significant effect on the health of a person. Patients who participate on this service, also referred to as hospice care gain favorable clinical outcomes. On the other hand, the participating health care professionals’ gains good reputation from families and friends of the ill person when they give them the necessary support needed. Moreover, some sources never focus on the health of an individual instead speaks more of the costs involved and the negative effects of receiving palliative care. The following sources have misled people and discouraged them from accessing hospice care programs.


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