Logistics in Melbourne

Logistics in Melbourne


In Melbourne city shopping centre, system thinking is a process that utilizes the tools, habits and concepts in a bid to develop a proper understanding of the structures of dynamic systems. With the proper understanding of the system, an individual can easily leverage some of the points in the system so to achieve all the desired goals. In an organization when faced with a dilemma where one is supposed to choose between two opposing partner companies, the organization will be forced to look for a company that can be easily leveraged so as to be able to achieve the company’s goal at a lesser price while still being able to reap profits.

This system of thinking uses two models of thinking so as to be able to apply it in the running of the organization. These models are a single and double loop thinking and learning models. Single-loop model is one that involves the connection of a strategy that will be used in action to the results required from the action. This process is common in the way companies are using the feedback that they gain from their customers so as to better run and develop their products. Microsoft and their recent operating system is one such instance. The Windows 8 system did away with many of the fan-favorite approaches that made it easy to use. However, the backlash has resulted in the company basing their decisions to change the operating system based on the feedback from consumers. This is a learning process for the company.

However, the process whereby the company opts to learn from the feedback and to reevaluate their goals and values then reenacting some of their goals is called the double loop thinking model. This is an added step to a single-loop learning model.

Organization leaders need to understand that there is more to a company than just learning from their consumers and the mistakes that their competitors make. It is for this reason that company managers need to apply the double loop of thinking so as to be able to meet the growing demands of their consumers. However, the single-loop of thinking as well needs to be applied. The reason is that, different companies have their own ways of dealing with the unhappiness of some consumers, and thus they try and change their approach based on the feedback. Therefore, there is no wrong or right method of thinking but it all depends on the situation.

To realize the changes that are taking place outside the organization, company leaders need to be able to use the double thinking model. This is because, they are supposed to look at the situation and determine whether they are affected. If so, they will need to reevaluate the goals and values of the company and conform to them. However, within the organization, there are different approaches applied for different situations.

In conclusion, for a company to thrive in a business industry there is no particular model that can be applied to the company. The company leadership will have to change their approaches based on the instances.


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