Logical Fallacy





Logical Fallacy

What if, all of us could save time and money by just visiting a mall and buying a pair of shoe? And all the time saved we could visit the world, go for adventures, watch movies and we could not be forced to wake on that morning or evening after dinner and hit the gym. The muscle pains days and straining to try to boost our self-esteem through losing weight could all be stories of the past. All of us could be happier by not avoiding eating all the junk food or by asking for food delivering because no matter how much food we eat just by a walk to that class or to the workplace, we could all burn all those calories. We could all use the endless hours we spent at the gym doing other constructive things, example those PE’s lessons students can have a tutoring on the weak subjects and all the money we pay as membership to the gym could be an additional income. Skechers fitness group promote the snickers they use the false cause fallacy by stating the benefits of wearing those shoes.

In the advertisement on the sneakers in store, they are both a woman and a male wearing those sneakers and both of them are smiling. The advertisement have 4 choose two designed for the women and 2 for the men, the shoes benefits are listed which are weight loss, tone muscles, reduce stress on ankles and need and improve the posture. The name of the shoes is shape-ups, and the ad says to get the shape as you walk and not setting foot in the gym, it then goes ahead to tell the viewer that if one is interested in getting the details.

The advertisement to promote its products and have many people buy them uses more than just one fallacy, there is that of false authority and false cause. By using Kardashian as one of the covers, it surely draws most viewers considering the body shape of the star; this will lead to most people who admire and look up at the star to buy the pair of shoe. The second fallacy is the false cause where the advert relates wearing a shoe to keeping fit; these two things do not at all relate. In reality, how can just by wearing a shoe make a person lose weight that is normally lost after very many workouts in the gym and how can your hand muscles tone yet there is no effort done towards the same. These fallacies misinform the author, and in spite, people might buy because of the message they portray, the end will be no different and will only serve that one person who wears them and hits the gym. Additionally, in the adverts, the girl is wearing the workout attire yet it says keep fit while not going to the gym, she could have worn some office wear or casual. Lastly, in one of the shape ups advert with both a lady and a guy both are running, this misdirects the viewers because you have to wear the shoe and go around your everyday activities and by the end, you will achieve all those benefits associated with the shoes.

Both fallacies could be avoided all thing and still achieve the intended purpose of marketing the shape-ups, this could have been achieved by advising wearing of this and going to the gym. The ad could have stated work for fewer hours and still achieve the necessary exercise but not going to the gym. In addition, the cover image could be that of renowned athlete example, bolt because as much as they are still selling with the cover star the athlete sells will be much high and the advert would have included some gym equipment’s, example weight lifting for the hands. The result would have been better because in the previous advert they are implying that by working even the muscles will tone, yet this is illogical. The advert should have also incorporated how long one should wear those shoes by stating the miles because the sole of the shoe seems to cause more problems than good if worn every day by straining the muscles too much. By incorporating, those changes the sales could go far way up, the clients could be satisfied, and the shape-ups could sell themselves.

Skechers is aimed at selling its products at any cost, but it is not true that we can achieve fitness by simply wearing a shoe and going to the gym, this is illogical and therefore, impossible. With the changing world today because of the diseases associated with lifestyle, this ad should in the future focus of incorporating wearing the shape-ups while going to the gym, because this is the only way those benefits outlined in the advert can be realized. The shape-ups are a good shoe that deserves thumbs up but unless the company resolves to change, they might not survive in the market with other better shoes entering the market.