Local Government Policy Analysis

Local Government Policy Analysis

Local Government Policy Analysis

(Due by Sunday, September 18, 11:59 pm)

For your first written assignment, you will apply concepts we have discussed during the first three lectures by *analyzing a policy that is currently or has been deliberated by a local government governing body (county board of supervisors, city council, special district board of directors or school district board of trustees) within the past year. To satisfy the requirements of this assignment, prepare a maximum two (2) page single-spaced analysis, **following the instructions and format exactly (see writing sample) of a policy covering the issues featured below.


In this section, you will identify the governing body and the date the policy was or will be deliberated. Then, provide a brief description of the policy including:

What is the problem to be addressed; and

What is the event or series of events that was a catalyst for action (if known); [this is generally described in the “Background” or “Overview” section of the staff report.

Official Actors:

Identification of the official actors (i.e., local government representatives) involved in the policy.

Unofficial Actors:

Identification of the unofficial actors AKA stakeholders (other individuals/groups who are attempting to influence the outcome), their positions on the policy proposal and venues provided for these groups to influence the policy making process. Note that this does not include anyone who may potentially be impacted by the policy.

Fiscal Impact:

Budgetary impact of the proposed policy to the government agency (not to the public or specific groups)


Conclude with a recommendation(s) for the actions the governing body should take (or if you agree with the decision the council/board made if it was already decided) and how you came to this conclusion.

*Note: To do well on the local government policy analysis, you will need to review policy documents that the governing body used when deliberating the item, specifically, the staff reports that are available online (not simply news articles about the item or meeting minutes). You can find these, as well as recorded videos of the public meetings, on each public agency’s website.

**Remember, this isn’t an essay, but a policy analysis (the type of document you’d write in the workplace, so the presentation of info should be succinct without extra words, transitional statements or your opinion).