Liszt – Sonnet 104 and Clara Schumann’s Liebst du um Schönheit



Liszt – Sonnet 104 and Clara Schumann’s “Liebst du um Schönheit”

The two songs that I picked from the listening catalogue are, Liszt – Sonnet 104 and Clara Schumann’s “Liebst du um Schönheit” the two are interesting songs with an instrumental opening which soothes the mind. The two compare to my own listening first “Sonnet 104” is a musical poem and similar listening are found in my catalogue and happens to be the most listened/ Clara Schuman’s listening on the other hand is in form of a love song which I consider to have perfect knots and I like listening to music that takes similar form. In her vocal, Clara uses a lot of chromatics which draws the audience to repeatedly listen to it. Hearing the opening piano lines of the song, I am reminded of the wavelike sound experience I had in my first music class. The lyrics are simple but give profound take on romance or love. Sonnet 104 on the other hand has the effect of ‘abbaabba’ which is a commendable and a key factor towards bringing the audience closer. In sonnet 104, Petrarch introduces an octave and Volta which take the form of a sestet the later closes with a couplet. The two sound interesting and one cannot get bored listening to them.