Listening Appreciation.

Listening Appreciation.





Listening Appreciation.

There are different things to consider in music including the tone type of voices, speed and instruments used. For this case week one introduces several instruments used in music in different scenarios. There are instruments used at the band, basic music and orchestra. After listening to the videos there is much learnt and a lot to appreciate and some are discussed below.

First, instruments give a whole new spice to music. In the first video, Orchestra there are different instruments used to play instrumental versions of common music which makes them appealing to the listener. However, it is not an easy task to get the knots of the different parts of the songs thus those playing did a great job. More so, the band instruments video introduces to us different instruments explaining what they are made of and how they are operated to produce sound. For instance, the flute is blow different ways while holding different parts of the flute in order to produce different pitches. A sharp tuning is obtained when the head joint is pushed in all the way. Other interesting instruments demonstrated in the video are the saxophone, bassoon, clarinet, oboe and the French horn. Also, it was great to learn about instruments from India in the world instruments video. Among them is the harmonium which can be confused with the digital piano. It is interesting to understand the basic music theory and why there are always five lines and four spaces in which music is written (staff) among other things. Lastly, in the instruments percussion video, indeed there is a lot of skills needed to operate the musical instruments for example the vibraphone, the drum which might seem easy but it needs some learning.

Conclusively, the videos on the different instruments are interesting and educative at least after a repeat I can confidently play one of the instruments. Playing music instruments is not easy and it needs dedication and being keen while learning the skills in order to be perfect.