List of groups that are relevant to me

List of groups that are relevant to me

List of groups that are relevant to me

Sports teams


Asian American





Climate activism

Environmental clubs

Cat lovers


When I was kid, I had trouble understanding politics. about nations and democracy. I found it incomprehensible that strangers and haphazard individuals set the rules for my existence. I was unable to comprehend why regulations had to be set in the first place. Why would individuals assert that this is a land of freedom when there are laws and directives to be obeyed?

Most significantly, I gained a certain amount of interest about the enigmatic decision-making strangers. I learnt and comprehended a lot. I am now of voting age, I see the benefits of becoming exposed to politics. But I’ve discovered that among folks my generation, this isn’t the norm; contrary, there are lot of individuals who just “don’t care”.

Some years, a fight broke out between one of my classmates and a teacher about this. He had a very limited understanding of politics, and she (the instructor) was furious that he was not ready to learn more. Since she judged his IQ based on his grasp of politics, he became enraged. Personally, I think they were both mistaken, but that is not the topic at hand. Because I had never before considered the issue, “Why must we care about politics?” specifically as teenagers?

The solution is straightforward: We are in control of your life as much as we proactively are concerned about politics.

I really think that perhaps the time we begin to distance ourselves from politics; we begin to lose control over our lives. It’s the point at which we give those in authority all the tools necessary to steal our lives and change them anyway they like. When we actually don’t care about politics, that’s when control is lost.

Somebody may think this is over the top, and perhaps it is, but I’d like you to realize how important this is. We have to stick up for what we believe in, particularly as youth. Politics must worry us since we are the ones who are most affected by them.

The crucial job of a transformational leader is to increase employee confidence in their capacity to do a certain task, subject to the impression-managing techniques employed by the staff. I practice these every day to build and enhance my self-efficacy. In order to further my leadership goals, I use social media platforms to carry out self-presentation strategies, which predominately involve individualized techniques.

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